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The goal at Caring Pathways is to treat our clients and patients with compassion and kindness. We love hearing what our clients have to say about our care and we invite you to explore this page to read their kind words. If you have anything that you’d like to share, please contact us via email to have your testimonial added to our page.

What Our Clients Have To Say

The only question that mattered to our Lola was is it safe. Dr. Lowery's experience and compassion answered her need and ours. We were deeply and enduringly touched by Lori's kindness and counsel. Lola is now free of her worldly challenges because of everyone’s humane and courageous beliefs.

An organization is no better than its people and everyone involved in our decision was kind and thorough. Thank you all. Your role is meaningful and invites the most tenuous gift…trust.

Fred, Carmen and Meyer

The services of Dr. Larry and his team of professionals should be standard across the country. My family and I were once told by a very caring DVM that we would know when it was time to put our beloved pet to rest. But sadly the services of Caring Pathways did not exist at that time and we were forced to drive our loving cat of 12 years to our Vet's facility where our cat sadly knew where she was. The drive and the facility although nice, created tension for both our cat and us. Our Vet allowed us to sit quietly with our cat under a tree which was far better than being in the cold and sanitized facility. However, the tree although nice, was adjacent to the parking lot. It was at that time and location, in our arms and under a beautiful Colorado sunset our cat was given the appropriate meds and peacefully passed.

Sadly years later, our beloved German Shepherd named Buck was diagnosed with cancer. He was an amazing animal that filled our lives with unconditional love. His diagnosis and quick debilitation was very painful. However this time, after experiencing the stressful process with our beloved cat and family, we were Blessed to have the ability to have our DVM come to our home, whereas our dog Buck was able to rest peacefully on the lawn in his own backyard when he was put to rest. It was a beautiful Colorado evening where Buck was able to enjoy a filet mignon and dish of rocky road ice cream and then later with his family by his side he was given a painless medication that allowed him to be free of pain.

The services of Caring Pathways is loving, humane and peaceful. To allow your beloved pet to pass peacefully and painlessly while in their own loving home and surroundings - rather than some cold anxiety filled animal hospital/facility made all the difference in the world to our family and no doubt, our loving and loyal pet, Buck.

Thank you Dr. Larry and his team of professionals at Caring Pathways for what you do!

The Alessi Family

We were recommended by two of our friends that Caring Pathways was a wonderful service that helped them immensely when they had to make the tough decisions to put their pets to sleep. We had the exact same experience. Calling them was one of the hardest things we’ve done, but from the get-go, they were amazing. The kind person who helped me on the phone in just making the appointment let me know right away that this was the right service. Dr. Walters showed up right on time, and her immense warmth and professionalism immediately put us at ease. Our boy, Sue, took to her right away, and even our cats came out and demanded her affection, which made us smile. She walked us through everything, and there was no rush at all. We felt very special and taken care of, and I couldn’t believe how peaceful the process was. She left us with some great literature – I’ve read the booklet on grief extensively, it was a huge help and probably the best thing I’ve read on pet grief and healing thus far. She had soft blankets and even a little pillow on the stretcher she brought to take him away – it was so sweet. We received Sue’s ashes just this morning, in a beautiful box and bag – the pawprint we got back even had his name stamped on it. We also received a hand-written card that meant such a great deal to us. I can’t say enough how extremely cathartic and peaceful the process was thanks to Dr. Walters and her team, and how much closure it gave us to be able to be with him in an environment he loved. I was extremely impressed with the after care and grief literature they offer. They truly seem to understand that while our focus is saying goodbye in the best way possible to our little family members, we need to be taken care of a little bit too.

I can’t recommend this service enough, and I’m so grateful they were here with us. We miss you everyday, our sweet beautiful big guy, but we’re grateful we got to say goodbye to you in the way we felt you deserved.

Thank you again, Dr. Walters and Caring Pathways!

Dave & Erin Lillich

I want to thank Caring Pathways and Dr. Kerry Muhovich for the services provided in my time of need. My dog, Butterball, a 7-year old greyhound with Osteoscarcoma could no longer go on. I had left the country and in just a few days, Butterball took a turn for the worse. I had a friend pet sitting and taking care of Butterball, but she would no longer eat and had difficulty walking. I knew the time was coming for Butterball since we had been battling her cancer for 6 months. I was hoping this wouldn't happen when I was out of the country, but unfortunately it did. When I called Caring Pathways, the person I spoke to was so caring and easy to speak to. I was very upset at the time so I don’t remember her name, but I do want to thank her for taking the time talking to me and making the arrangements so easy. Dr. Muhovich came to my home, explained everything to my friend and peacefully had an angel escort Butterball to the Rainbow Bridge. My friend said that Dr. Muhovich was very caring and gentle. I was even more appreciative to have received a hand-written sympathy card from Dr. Muhovich with a note that a donation was made in the name of Butterball. I couldn’t have been out of the country at a worse time, but I am so grateful to Caring Pathways to comfort me and assure me that Butterball was in good hands. I really cannot thank you enough for helping me with Butterball (my best friend) transition to the Rainbow Bridge.

- Mitzi Nakamura

Thank you Caring Pathways and Dr. Megan. Your compassion and care were so amazing. As hard as it was, I felt a little better knowing she would be able to pass in our home where we shared our life! They were so gentle with her and wrapped her in this sweetest blanket and I'm so grateful.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Kary Walters who came to our home at 4:30 am to help guide our beloved Nakia to the Rainbow Bridge. Dr Kary was so compassionate and loving throughout the procedure and cried with us when Nakia passed into Heaven. She not only treated Nakia with dignity, compassion and love during the procedure, but also afterwards. As sad and as heartbroken as I am, I am truly glad that I made the call to Caring Pathways and that Dr. Kary Walters was the one who came to us that morning. I am forever thankful and grateful that my Nakia was treated with love and dignity and gently passed into God’s arms.

And as I am writing this, my husband came in with the mail, and there was a beautiful sympathy card from Dr. Kary with a beautiful handwritten note, a Rainbow Bridge poem and a donation in honor and memory of my beloved Nakia to the Morris Foundation for Animals.

Thank you so much Dr. Kary Walters and the Caring Pathways Team for all your kindness and understand during a difficult time. You are truly, God’s Angels.

-Mary Mathis

Dear Dr. Muhovich & The Caring Pathways Team:

We deeply appreciate that you took the time to send us a hand-written note in honor and memory of Hidee. It adds a warm, personal finishing touch to what was a difficult time for us.

I was impressed with Caring Pathways from my initial telephone contact about 9:00a.m. on June 23rd to the conclusion of your visit. We were so grateful that Caring Pathways responded so quickly to our phone call. Your calm presence and kind, gentle manner with Hidee was deeply appreciated. We are pleased she was home in her own bed on her final day. She was the sweetest, best dog. We miss her!

We were pleased to learn a donation was made to the Morris Foundation for Animals in memory of Hidee. We also appreciate all of the information you left with us. I will gladly recommend Caring Pathways whenever I have the opportunity.

Also, it was fitting that Hidee’s final trip from home was in your stylish Subaru. We often traveled to nearby parks for our morning walks in my Subaru!

Again, thank you for your kind assistance.
-Wayne & Nancy

P.S. I had read the Rainbow Bridge verse before. It is nice to have a copy.

Dear Caring Pathways,

On Sunday, July 30, 2017, we were faced with a very difficult decision regarding our best friend and fury family member, Drake. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and the large tumor became so uncomfortable that the pain medication was no longer able to keep him comfortable. That morning, I knew that it would be my last day with my best friend and companion of 11.5 years. Unfortunately, our veterinarian was closed and we were faced with waiting until Monday and letting him suffer another night, or find another option. I searched mobile pet euthanasia and your company’s website was revealed. From the moment I called to schedule the visit, my worries were placed at ease as your super sweet and relaxed receptionist showed me great concern and care. The visit was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and we spent the rest of the day loving on Drake and making him “King for the Day!” Although, our five year old son has correctly reminded us that “Drake is king every day!”

At approximately 6:57 p.m., Dr. Kary Walters called me and said that she was a few minutes away and apologized for being a few minutes behind. When she arrived, we immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Walters as she was extremely caring, soft spoken and drove the same truck (make and color) that we have and where Drake had spent so much of his time with us on our adventures. Dr. Walters spent considerable time with our family getting to know us, know Drake and explain every ounce of the process. She also made it very easy for us to grieve, be ourselves and say good-bye to the greatest pet that I have ever owned and the first pet that my young family has ever known. She was amazing!! She is such a special person!! I am very thankful that she came to our aid that day. Saying good-bye is never easy, but she made the process one that cannot be made any better.

While I hope that I do not need your services anytime in the near future, I will always remember the amazing care that Dr. Walters provided on that day. Please thank her from the Rider Family & Drake!


Caring Pathways Staff,

I wanted to reach out to let you know how wonderful our experience with Dr. JoAnna Anzelmo-Rump was last week with the euthanization process for our beloved Cassie. Her demeanor, explanation, knowledge, skills and over all care and concern, made this most difficult situation very comforting and peaceful for not only Cassie, but the entire family. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Anzelmo-Rump and the service that Caring Pathways provided for our family. You all made such a difficult and heart wrenching experience comforting and peaceful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The King Family

We want to thank everyone at Caring Pathways, and especially Dr. Megan Coveyou for helping us send Allie to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone was so good to work with, and Dr. Coveyou was amazing. She took such good care of Allie. It made a very difficult time much easier.

Thank you also for the donation in Allie's honor to the Morris Foundation for Animals. What a wonderful gesture.

Thank you for caring so much about pets and their owners!


Virginia Edley,
Nancy Thonen,
and Sophie

A few weeks ago we had to have our beloved lab Colonel put down. For 14 years he was pure joy and gave us unconditional love. But late one Friday night he suddenly took a turn for the worst and it was time. I called Caring Pathways and talked to Dr. Kim. She was in Thornton and would come all the way down to Highlands Ranch to help us. I just want to say that Dr. Kim was such a blessing to us at a very difficult and trying time that night. The book by Dr. Alan Wolfelt on mourning your pet that she left with us was and still is a tremendous help. Also the card with the Rainbow Bridge poem on it is something that helped and is still a source of comfort. We miss our Colonel very very much because he was definitely a part of our family and was such a big and wonderful part of my day. I am so very much looking forward to seeing Colonel again one day.

Please thank Dr. Kim for her kindness that night and for her caring and understanding.

May God bless you.

Jack and Kendall Ring

Dear people at Caring Pathways,

On Friday I said a bitter sweet goodbye to my best friend, business partner and house mate of 16.5 years. Charlie was an extremely sensitive dog and needed the kind of care you provide, more than any other dog I've had the privilege to know. He was terrorized by the cold sounds and smells of vets offices and could not take even a hint of the "procedures" that might be involved.

Stacee's (Dr Kim) soft, quiet help during this difficult moment in our lives was salve to a raw wound. I would have been haunted by anything other than a gentle good by, but it turned out to be so comfortable for Charlie that I will forever be grateful to Dr Stacee for her care and softness. She made sure he left me in the quietest way possible and it gives me peace to think of his last moments.

I had contacted you one year ago to make the decisions and prepare for the cost, before I was faced with this moment. Everyone I spoke to was amazing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this amazing service you all provide,
Joanne Solem

I want to take a moment to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to Caring Pathways and especially to Dr. Kim. She made a terrible time into one that made us feel better. Her care and understanding for our Riley was needed and much appreciated. I can’t express my feelings in words, but needed to let Dr. Kim know how much better she made this experience.

Can’t thank you enough…

Ernie and Marian Anderson

Dr. Kelly,
You were wonderful with our beloved pitbull Petey! You were sensitive to our emotions, patient and very caring with Petey during his last moments. He was laid to rest at Evergreen Memorial Park Pet Cemetary 2/22/17.
The paw print was received!
All our love,
Gerard & Alex Spicer

Hi there, my name is Stefanie Olson, and yesterday Dr. Muhovich came to my house to put my cat Tigger to sleep. I just wanted to let you guys know how incredible she was. She was so kind, so gentle, so sweet, so informative and I felt completely comfortable with her. While Tigger was on my chest and she was beginning the process my other cat Moxie was laying next to me and she paid just as much attention to Moxie as she it did to Tigger. She made it so easy and it was so incredibly peaceful. Afterward she let me lay with Tigger for almost 45 minutes. While she waited on me she sat upstairs and spoke with my husband and was so patient with us. She even allowed me to use her stethoscope to listen to make sure his heart had stopped. When she left and took him she was gentle and sweet and caring. She had a wonderful basket and blanket she wrapped him in and I felt okay knowing he was going with her. If I ever need assistance with my other cat, or I have friends or family that needs your services she will be my first recommendation. I hope you guys know what a wonderful vet you have in her.

With gratitude,
Stefanie Olson

My name is Chuck Moline. I had your Vet come to my home this morning and put my dog down. Megan was a true Angel, very calm, caring and sweet. My Suzy warmed right up to her, as if she knew Megan was here to help. I want to thank her for helping Suzy and helping me with a hard time. She made something so painful so much smoother,this was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Megan is an Angel from heaven...

Dr. Kary,

Miles and I wanted to write to you to express our deep gratitude for the care and compassion you showed when you visited us in Aurora on Feb 3, to help our sweet boy Buddy pass from this world peacefully.

Buddy and I were exceptionally close, and his loss has been very hard. I must admit I was very unsure of what to expect when we called Caring Pathways, but your presence was very calming and reassuring to me, and most importantly to Buddy. Thank you so much for your kindness.

We received the touching card with your note, and also the note about the donation made in Buddy's memory to the Morris foundation - thank you, both are much appreciated.


Vineetha Rao

This past Tuesday I had to make a heart wrenching call to your office. The kind woman who answered the phone was able to understand me through my tears, and arranged for a vet visit in the next hour and a half. When Dr. Kerry arrived she immediately put me at ease. She went over the business portion in a calm, quiet voice, taking time to review my service choices. Chappy was treated in such a loving way by Dr. Kerry; and the empathy I received was immeasurable. When it came time, Chappy went painlessly and peacefully to sleep. After spending time to say good-bye I walked out to meet Dr. Kerry at the front door. I saw that she was holding a basket filled by a thick, soft blanket ready to take Chappy away. I love Caring Pathways, and plan on telling everyone about you. I will never forget your professionalism and your kindness.

Hillary Fischer

Dear Dr. Walter & Team,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful card and for the donation in memory of our dearly loved and missed Apache.

We dearly thank you for the compassionate care & support you gave us all on that difficult day! Your thoughtfulness on that day & beyond are greatly appreciate! 

With great thankful, Apache, Rosa, Rich & Celi

Dr. Mike provided such excellent service to our family last week for our sweet dog Hounder.

My husband and I were out of town and had to coordinate with Mike to go to our home and help our kids with our sick Hounder. He was so kind compassionate and accommodating to our whole family.

Today was a rough day as we picked up the ashes and beautiful paw print memorial. Coincidently, in today's mail was a beautiful card from Dr. Mike, including a sweet Rainbow Bridge poem and other helpful resources.  What a blessing!

Thank you all so much for helping us make it through a difficult time. You all are incredible.

Don and Jean Miller

Dear Caring Pathways,

Thank you for being our angel in a time of great sorrow. Putting down Potter was one of the most difficult decisions we've had to make. You handled our little buddy with such great care, it made the process a little easier. From the first phone conversation with your staff, the home visit, the special way the ashes came and down to the thoughtful hand written thank you card, it touched our hearts during a very sensitive time. So blessed to have found you guys....thank you so much for your services and for having such BIG hearts! 

Hugs and Warm Wishes,

Kelly & Alan
(In loving memory of Mr. Potter)

Thank you to the whole Caring Pathways team.  You all are in our hearts forever. <3

Dear Dr. Kary,

We want to let you know how much we appreciated the time you spent with us on Jetsen's last day.  From the moment you walked into our home your empathy and compassion were a great comfort.

You truly brought a ray of sunshine into one of the worst days of our lives.  Thank you for exactly the way you did everything-it was perfect.

We received the lovely card you sent as well.  What kind words you wrote.  It made our hearts happy to think of Jetsen again.

Love always-
Lori, Ray & Matt Masters

Dear Dr. Knoll and the Caring Pathways Team,

Thank you for the kind and compassionate manner you showed us and our beloved Millie in our time of need.

I cannot think of a more difficult time that we have had to deal with in the care of our sweet fur-babies than the night we had to let her go. Kelly-you are a blessing to others. We are very thankful for your love and kindness.

Very Truly Yours,
Gretchen, Dave, Taylor, Max (and Millie) Cummings

To everyone,

I wanted to say thank you to all the staff. I called twice and both times the receptionist was incredibly sympathetic and understanding, also patient as one time I couldn't stop crying. Through my tears she was able to give me comprehensive information for the hardest time in my life. Thank you for being professional yet compassionate.

Dr. Kim was amazing and saw what we needed but let us feel in control. It must be hard to balance compassion, caring, professionalism, and realistic outcomes but your staff does it perfectly.

Thank you so much for letting my amazing dog rest after so much hardship.

Thank you,
Regina, Alex, and Josh

Dear Caring Pathways,

This letter is LONG overdue. Since July I have been wanting to express my sincere thanks to your service and especially to Dr. Megan. Rufus was a very special part of our family for over 14 years and that’s exactly how Dr. Megan treated him. She listened to our stories about him and treated our dog and our family with the utmost respect and compassion. She understood our struggle with the decision of euthanasia and set our minds at ease. Dr. Megan said a silent prayer over Rufus and was extremely patient while we said our final goodbyes. The care in which she took placing Rufus on a pillowed-gurney was so sweet. Dr. Megan even went above and beyond to write us a lengthy note of condolence just a week later and sent along helpful information form Caring Pathways for comfort.

Although it was so sad for me to find Rufus’s Christmas stocking among our holiday treasures recently, it prompted me to finally write this letter of thanks.

Thank you Dr. Megan Along with Rufus, you are forever in our hearts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
With our deepest gratitude, Shari Leary and family

Dear Dr. Muhovich,
Many thanks for your patience yesterday. I was not expecting to fall apart over the decision - as I said, I'd been preparing for that moment for more than a year, at least - I was operating on very little sleep for over the past week.

Thank you so very much for saying the things that convinced me he need to move on. I think the most critical piece was your recognition that Emerson greatly valued living in dignity, and this was becoming so very taxing for him. You said many other things that were important, too, and in retrospect, I should have taken them as more direct guidelines for making the decision - rather than continuing to agonize.

Having experienced the process, now, I think would find the decision much easier, seeing him transition from anxiety to comfort, and then slip away so seamlessly. I am grateful that the transition was in comfort and peace - and I am so grateful to have been there with him.
Becky Powell

Dr. Lowery was so amazing with Milo and I cannot thank her enough. I immediately felt at ease the moment I opened the front door and she greeted me with warm, compassionate and friendly attitude. We were not sure what the outcome of the evening would be with Milo and she spent over an hour with us doing a Quality of Life Consultation that turned into an End of Life visit. What I thought to be old age symptoms of our 12 year old Milo, turned out to be a much more serious health problem. Never once did she question why we had not taken Milo to a Vet for proper diagnosis. Dr. Lowery was so through with the details of Milo’s illness and how it was affecting him. She then took the time to walk us through the rest of the visit, step by step of what was going to happen, never once did she rush us to make a decision or say our good byes. In the end, Milo was surrounded by loved ones.

Jackie Logan

I wanted to send out a thank you note to Caring Pathways for helping us with our dog Ella.

I emailed my contact info about 15 minutes before you opened for business and I got a call back within half an hour. The gal who took my call (Lisa? I'm not sure of her name) was so kind and really empathized with me. She also had to put her Yellow Lab down six weeks before my call. Her tone and professionalism and kindness made me feel very safe with using Caring Pathways.

We scheduled Dr. Kim to come in the afternoon. It was a big deal to be able to schedule this with such short notice; our dog had taken a major turn for the worse the afternoon before, and we really didn't want her to suffer any longer than necessary.

Dr. Kim arrived right on time and was incredibly kind and nurturing. She explained the entire process thoroughly, and was really gentle and loving to us and to our dog Ella. Ella relaxed right away between us all, so we could go through the procedure.

Dr. Kim gave us all the time we needed with Ella after the procedure, and left us with materials that we may want to help us grieve.

At such a difficult time, you guys were there for us every step of the way. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your help, and the incredibly kind and professional way you delivered it.

Many thanks,
Maggie Mayfield
Lakewood, CO

Dear Dr. Lowery and the Caring Pathways Team, I want to thank you so much for all you did to help me with Belle in the last couple of days of her life. I can't quite find adequate words to express how I feel. You, Dr. Lowery, and the staff at Caring Pathways are wonderful, and my beloved Belle was treated so tenderly with much compassion and respect. I will never forget that Sunday evening. And it was your day off too. I appreciate all you did for us more than I can say.

Belle was my companion for a long time. She was such a great girl to have around and the best company. Belle came to me in the spring of 2002. I had lost two elderly Brittany's the year before. My husband had died prematurely the year before that, so there was a lot of loss in my life there for a while. So when Belle came along she was just what I needed in my life. She was energetic, happy, and fun. She ran like the wind when she was young and was my walking partner for many, many years.

I miss her so very much and my cat misses her too. He's been sleeping on her bed lately quite a bit. In her later years, Belle became the most gentle and loving companion. She was my very best friend and I could always depend on her. My memories of Belle over these many years are so very warm and always will remain close to my heart.

Thank you again, Dr. Lowery, for your condolences and for helping me with my friend at the end of her life.

Very Sincerely,

Dear Caring Pathways Staff, Thank you so much for the very important service you offer and the masterful, yet sensitive, way you work. This past Saturday we sent our precious cat, Mr. Bo Jangles, off to Kitty Heaven. From my appointment phone call to the loving hands of Dr. Kim, my heart is full of gratitude for your service.


It has just been a little over 2 weeks since our sweet cat, Max, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are still aching, but we are consoled so much by the kind, compassionate care Dr. Kary Walters gave to our "Maxie Boy", and to us. She couldn't have been more professional and caring, and she made an extremely difficult situation a little easier. We will always be thankful to her.

Janet and Tom Sims

Dr. Kim came to us this morning to care for our Jasmine. As I'm sure you know, it is very difficult and in our grief I don't think we were able to thank her enough and express our appreciation for her compassion. Sadly this is the second time we've had to use your services, but both times were made peaceful by the compassion and care shown by your vets. Please pass our thanks and appreciation again to Stacee for being so thoughtful and comforting in helping us through the process. You all do very difficult work and do it very well, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Most Sincerely,
Patrick & Michelle Van Wie

Dear Dr. Joanna,

We want to thank you so much for coming to our home on Friday to help our beloved Tucker pass. We had over 18 years with him. He was sweet, funny and brought so many smiles and much joy to us. After so many years we knew it would be heartbreaking to say goodbye and did not want to do it at a vet's office. We were expecting that it would be a better experience for Tucker but I did not expect the compassion, empathy and the tears you shed with us. Your reassurance about the difficult decision and the gentleness and warmth you showed to us and Tucker was a gift. As difficult as it is to grieve his loss we will be forever thankful that we chose to have him pass at home where he felt safe and comfortable surrounded by the people who loved him. I believe you were an angel sent down to help Tucker pass and to help us let him go. God Bless you.

Karen, Jim and Sarah

Dear Caring Pathways Team and Dr. Lori,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your services. Coming to my home yesterday and helping Alex peacefully cross over was heartbreaking, but ultimately the best thing I could do for him. Dr. Lori, you have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with us. I'm crushed by Alex's absence, but knowing he is no longer suffering gives me peace. Your staff and services are wonderful and I can't thank you enough.

Alison Munn

Dear Dr. Kerry & the rest of the wonderful folks at Caring Pathways, Thank you so much for your compassionate and excellent care for our dear Missy. We had been privileged to work with you when we lost our beloved Roscoe a few years ago, as well and we can't tell you how much we appreciate you. Be well.

Dr. Kary, Thank you so much for your kindness, for your gentle touch and your soft spirit when you we here on Monday, taking care of my sweet, wonderful little Mr. Midge. You made everything ok, and my family and I cannot thank you enough for your absolute consideration with us. Mr. Midgey was my kitty soul mate, and he is SO unbelievably loved. I fell in love with him the instant I saw him, back in 2002 at a Petsmart in Scottsdale, Arizona, when I was getting divorced (& no doubt Mr. Midgey saw me coming & put on his most handsome & debonair face that day!). As soon as I saw him, I knew we needed to be together, and I brought him home and found that he, indeed, found a PURR-fect place in my little kitty family; he became the third member to complete the Gabby, Pepper & Mr. Midge trio. And that's what it was, a trio. The trio remained strong until one day in August of 2007, just a couple of months before my now husband, Chuckie, and I were getting married, sweet baby Pepper disappeared. do it became Gabby and Mr. Midge. A year later, Matilda blessedly came into our lives as an 8-wk old kitten and the trio was back, as Gabby, Mr. Midge & Matilda! But then my beautiful Gabby died of kidney failure in Oct 2011 and we were again down to just a duo and again everything felt weird and "off". Gabby and I had been together for almost 18 years (she was my first kitty that I got as an adult), and we were together, just she and I, for 8 years, before I found a tiny, baby kitten that I immediately named Pepper; this was the beginning of the original Kitty Duo, which, only a little over one year, would become the Kitty Trio.). Gabby's passing was devastating to me, but we carried on and in January of 2011 beautiful 8-week old baby Josie came to us, and the Kitty Trio was restored!!! But that trio is once again a duo; no one could ever take the place of Mr. Midgey. His absence is not only noticeable, but it's painful....and weird. I suppose it'll just have to be a Kitty Duo for now. I've loved ALL of the kitties I've ever had the privilege of having in my life, but the bond that Mr. Midgey & I had was special, different, and I do believe that he was my kitty soul mate Thank you again, Dr. Kary and Caring Pathways for taking such exceptional care of my very exceptional boy. You were wonderful! =^..^=

I wanted to sincerely thank Kelly Knoll for the amazing job she did caring for our sweet little guy, Sullivan, during a the final hours of his life. My husband and I truly appreciated the attention that she gave to him and the reassurance that she bestowed on us that we were, indeed, making the right decision for our beloved pet. We will forever be thankful that her sweet spirit and caring personality was the one that helped us guide him over the rainbow bridge. Thank you, Kelly, for making the most difficult decision of our lives just a tiny bit less painful.

Jordan and Steven Lykens

Skippy 8/2002 - 6/2016

We cannot thank Caring Pathways enough for making a most difficult experience beautiful. Megan was our veterinary angel. She was so kind, calm and understanding of our pain. She went above and beyond her responsibilities to make sure Skippy was comfortable. We recommend CaringPathways to all of friends. THANK YOU CARING PATHWAYS!!!

Thank you all so much for your care and compassion during such a trying time. We are forever grateful!
-Susan L.

Dr. Smith & Staff, There aren't words or cards for us to tell you what you mean to us. We are blessed to have you help us through the final part of Tuckers life. Your compassion and the time you spend with us in helping us accept and understand are God given virtues. God Bless you.
Dr. Smith we will hold you on our memory and hearts right along with our "Tucker". Love Linda & Joe

Dr. Magnuson, It's been almost 3 weeks ago since you crossed over our wonderful dog, Tucker, to Heaven. Jim & I would like to thank you for your caring & compassion! Thank you for making such a difficult process a little more bearable. Sincerely, Chris, Jenni & Jim

Dear Dr. Lori, Thank you for your great kindness. Our hearts are still so heavy, since the loss of our dear Angus. I still swing wide around the corner when exiting our living room - stepping over where his big bed used to be,, out of habit. Our house no longer feels like "home" anymore, without Angus running through the halls or leaping down the stairs. As a result, it's been somewhat easier to put the house on the market for sale. I cannot convey how much your calming, almost angelic, presence helped us through this ordeal. You are truly a treasure Thank you so very, very much for being there for us and for sweet Angus. You and the Caring Pathways team have our prayers and best wishes. Thank you again, Cecilia, Mark, Casey & Grayson

Dear Dr. Larry, Just a brief note to thank you for helping us send Cloe on her last journey. Life has a way of making sad times okay. We are so happy you were sent to make that experience better. Our time with was most rewarding. We will never forget you and are grateful you came our way. Our deepest thanks, Les & Judy

Dr. Lowery, I wanted to write and thank you for all of your assistance & support on Sunday, with our dog Gracie. It was the hardest decision to make but it was made better by your presence. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Gretchen & Zach

Dear Caring Pathways, Thank you very much for helping us with the final moments of our dog Cali's life. When I called to make the appointment the woman on the phone was so kind and patient since I was crying. Thank you for that. The doctor who helped us, JoAnna, was very caring and considerate. It was nice to have someone who seemed to understand how sad we were. I would think it is a difficult job so it was very important for me to tell you all thank you. Cali had a great life and she knew we loved her until the very end. You made a difficult decision a bit easier.
Thanks, Kathy & Mike

Wow -

For years, I have been terrified of the euthanasia process I knew I would one day face with my beloved 15 year-old black lab, German shepherd mix Tobey.

Dr. Kerry Muhovich came to my home on Saturday and gave us the most peaceful, beautiful, compassionate help with walking Tobey across the rainbow bridge.

I found her to be completely calming, informative, respectful of our wishes and privacy. I couldn't have asked for such a sad occasion to be so serene and dignified.

When Tobey met her at our front door, he sniffed her, sensed her calmness, walked right over to his special bed / sleeping bag combo he loved so much and laid down as if he were saying, "Yes! I can finally relax and be free of pain."

Although I am devastated and heartbroken at no longer having the physical presence of my sweet Tobey Wagginstails, I am so grateful and comforted that I chose Caring Pathways and had the blessing of Dr. Muhovich give the honorable and humane gift of a comfortable passing to my beloved boy.

Thank you, Dr. Muhovich.

I have had many dogs euthanized at a vet's office and it was so stressful for my pets and my family. Having it done in the home was such a beautiful process; with family and all our other animals present.

Thank you! Dr. Kary is an amazing woman and vet! She has such a wonderful gift of calming animals and people. Her love of what she does is so evident; such an empathetic, kind, caring person! We were so blessed to have Dr. Kary send our "Lacy" off with new doggie wings.

Forever Grateful, Valerie, Maureen, Roy, Max, Lily, Pepe and Sarah

Dear Caring Pathways Team, Our Wirehaired Fox Terrier, Sophie, was euthanized on Jan. 20, 2016 after a long course of degenerative myelopathy. Dr. Kelly Knoll was the veterinarian who provided the service at our home in Arvada. We can't say thank you enough for the care, love and service Kelly and the Caring Pathways team provided us.

Kim was extremely patient answering our questions prior to scheduling.

The day of service Kim called to verify the time and inquire how we we're doing. Dr. Knoll arrived on-time. Her genuine empathy, warmth, and compassion for our situation and Sophie's condition is something we will remember the rest of our lives. She was returning her paw print made all the difference. Kelly recommended we keep Sophie's blanket. We're so thankful we did.

As a companion animal ER veterinarian in Denver for over 30 years I've had the privilege and honor to serve others through the loss of their pets. However, I've never been in the position of having a veterinarian provide the service for me in my home, as we did with Sophie. To say I was nervious and apprehensive is an understatement. However, my fears were quickly diminished and our expectations wildly exceeded. Although we miss Sophie terribly, Dr, Knoll and the Caring Pathways Team left us with the best memories possible for her life, including her passing.

Thank you again for your incredible service in helping us and others during a most vulnerable time. Words can't fully express our gratitude.

Please feel free to share this with others and keep up your incredible work.

With Gratitude, Sam & Mary Romano

Dear Lori, We wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much we appreciated your care and compassion when you came to our home to help us during Zamboni's transition. You made him comfortable, we were at ease during this difficult time. Thank you for your tenderness and understanding, recognition of our emotions, and patience with us. Your kindness and support will never be forgotten. Your card was thoughtful and meant a lot to us. The book you left was read from cover to cover.

Thanks for everything, from coming out on a holiday weekend to sending us a sympathy card. The grief is real, and it comforts us to know he didn't suffer.

Best, Chris, Tracy, Kylee & Kam

I cannot say enough about Dr Kary Walters. She was amazing in guiding us thru the process of giving our little boy, Ringo back to God. He was the light in my husband's and my life. Ringo was a rescue from a puppy mill in Texas. The Angels were watching over us when he,came into our lives. We only had him for 4 and a half years, but we made sure Ringo was loved and spoiled as much as a dog could be. I have to admit, I never told Ringo he was a dog. We always referred to him as our little boy. Ringo definitely gave us the joy of unconditional love and as many kisses as possible. Unfortunately, the stress and lack of care from being in a puppy mill had taken its toll on his little body. It has taken me a while to be able to write this, we released our little boy on February 4th. I have never grieved for a dog they way I have grieved for Ringo. He was so special. Thank you again Dr Walters for being so comforting and compassionate. We know we will be seeing our little boy one day on the Rainbow Bridge.

Shell and Ern Beatty

I wanted to thank the Caring Pathways team and in particular Dr. JoAnna. Our Airedale Jack, of almost 14 years was ready to pass into the next world and we were able to get an appointment within in few hours. Dr. Joanna was the kindest most caring person and helped Jack and me and my husband get through this sad time with love and sensitivity. She spent a lot of time with Jack and obviously cares very deeply about helping them transition in a calm and peaceful manner.

I cannot thank Dr. JoAnna enough and I will certainly recommend Caring Pathways to all my friends who would need this service.

Thanks you all so much.
Jacqueline and Paul

I feel very remiss in not writing before this. When we made the most difficult decision to let go of our most precious boy Teak I was recommended to you by my neighbor Emily. Our kitty Teak was so much more than just a pet. He had given us joy for almost 24 years. When Dr. Lori Lowery arrived immediately my husband Steve and I felt such a sense of calm. She was so graceful and loving as I told her I wasn’t able to be there as my babe took his last breath. She hugged me and said she understood why I couldn't be present. Steve held Teak as he quietly went to sleep. I can’t put into words what having a service like Caring Pathways means to us and so many others. On a lighter note we are going to be the proud parents of two Siberian kittens! They will not replace my Teak but we are thrilled to welcome these precious nuggets into our lives.

Again, we can’t say enough about what you do and it’s so comforting to know you are out there. xoxo Lisa Olsen

I'm writing in praise of Dr. JoAnna and Caring Pathways! You are a wonderful organization and Dr. JoAnna is a blessing. We couldn't have placed ourselves and our precious dog in any better care. The love and sensitivity she showed to me and my sons during such an angonizing time was truly a gift. I don't think I could have borne it with anyone less caring than her. Our entire experience was so special! You can bet that I have been giving out referrals to all my friends and coworkers who have pets.

We did get a call and picked up Brandy's ashes also.

-Cindy Trotter

Dr. Lori,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for being the person you are...during one of the most difficult times of our lives. Your gentle nature & caring words helped us work through the process & continue to believe we did the right thing for our Mattie dog. It takes a very special person to be there for individuals/families faced with these decisions & we fell fortunate/blessed you were the person who was sent our way.

All the best, Lynn & Larry

Dr. Megan & Caring Pathways,

Thank you so much for all the compassion you've shown us when you came to our house. The time you took to listen to us talking about Lilly helped us a lot. We still are hurting so much and crying a lot. There isn't one thing we do in our daily routine that doesn't bring back a special memory. There are so many, I cannot possibly name them all. My favorite is when she knew I was cooking dinner and wanted to know if she could have some. Thank you for the paw print, we will cherish it forever.

In appreciation, Gene, Colette & Lisa

Dear Kelly,

I haven't the words that will express our sincere gratitude for the help and compassion you shared on what was one of the hardest days of my family's life. It was a very hard decision to make to put our little Rudy to rest but your words, kindness and soft professionalism were what we really needed. I thank the Lord, and I really do for sending you into our home June 10, 2016.

We were very pleased with the how you helped Rudy pass with dignity and how you helped us be the way we needed to be. Thanks to you we were able to get Rudy's remains back in 26 hours so he is back with us surrounded by love and pictures of him and the family. Also, the personalized card and the story of the Rainbow Bridge were so perfect. I told you that Rudy's remains were going to buried with me someday so we will for sure meet and cross the Rainbow Bridge together. Kelly, please call on me if I can ever do anything for you. Caring Pathways is a classy organization as you are a classy person and I will recommend both of you anytime.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU and God Bless you, Tony, Mary Ann and the entire Cito Family

Dr. Muhovich and the rest of Caring Pathways, Thank you for helping us to ease Copper's passage. WE are so sad without him, the bed is so large again. We were so grateful to have help arrive quickly and Dr. Muhovich was so kind to all of us. We mention you all with gratitude to our fellow pet lovers. 
Sincerely, Gene & Claire

Thank you for coming yesterday April 25, 2016,. our baby suffering has ended.
All the years that we have had with her - shall remain special in our hearts.

Thank you for the time you spent with us; going through the process.
I could not, have fathomed taking her to a office and undertaking this process.
The fact that we were able to keep her calm and hold her in our arms meant the world to us.

Home is where the heart is and for everyone we love; they should be able to pass where they are the most familiar.
As I worked outside that day; I glanced and seen our baby girl, at a much younger age "active" "full of life".
I kept this to myself (as a wishful memory) the mind creating illusions....... hours later my wife became stunned by seeing the same..... I expressed to her what I had seen earlier; and we sat in silence.

Free of for bonds that would no longer allow her to move. She is free to run until we meet up with her on the other-side. I know she is there now; waiting for us to come to her.

Allen Grove

I also want to thank Dr. Lowery for her care and compassion with my baby boy. She helped my wonderful companion of 13 years transition with the dignity he deserved. We could not be more grateful for her approach and clam soothing demeanor.

At such a difficult time, we felt that we were in very good hands although meeting her just minutes before. I thank you for this wonderful service of keeping our pets at home during such heartbreaking decisions in people's lives. I am forever grateful!

Thank you so much for taking our beloved Buddy Bear Blomquist through the passing on to heaven with Love, and Dignity. The sympathy card from you was so Beautiful! It was so nice you would take the time and write such a kind note to all of us.

Dr. Kary Walters and Caring Pathways exceeded my hopes and expectations for a very calm, peaceful and attentive way for Buddy Bear to enter Heaven.
Dr. Kary Walters came to my home with a true compassion on her face and in her heart. She attended to my family in a comforting manner the whole time she was here.
Dr, Kary Walters was professional in dress and manner ( I liked the uniform) its shows excellence in every aspect of the job with compassion she preformed.

We very much miss our Buddy Bear but, so glad Kary helped so sincerely, and professionally through this very difficult time.

Thank You! Kary     Thank you! Caring Pathways

Most Sincerely, Patricia Blomquist and Family

Almost forgot... Thank you for the Donation to the Morris Foundation for Animals in Memory of Prince Buddy Bear Blomquist!

The time had come to look at euthanasia for our sweet 14 year old dog Zoey who was our first child. We knew we wanted someone to come to our home to do it as we wanted Zoey to be as comfortable as possible plus we wanted our 8 year old daughter there and knew she’d be more comfortable showing emotions at home. Kimberly on the phone was so nice and patient with me as I tried to talk thru sobs. Dr. Megan showed up right on time and immediately went to Zoey, petting and talking to her. We explained what was going on and she agreed it was time. Dr. Megan explained everything to our daughter in very easy to understand terms and answered questions. Dr. Megan was very nice, compassionate, patient and understanding of our concerns for Zoey and our daughter’s comfort. When Zoey had passed Dr. Megan patiently waited outside while we said our final good byes and then with the utmost compassion and concern she put Zoey on a blanket on a stretcher, covering her with a blanket with her head on a pillow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zoey look so peaceful. It was just the image we needed to remember our sweet dog. I can’t thank Dr. Megan and Caring Pathways enough, I highly recommend them!! Thank you so much!
Joanna Van Gieson

Dr. Megan,

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the excellent care you have Leland and the caring you have to all of us as well. I picked up his ashes today and I loved the paw print you made. Much better than the one we made for him! And the two girls in the office taking time away from what they were working on to come and talk to me about Leland was so nice...

For one of the worst things in my life to have to experience, you made it amazing! You explaining the process and then carrying it out with minimal invasion to our loving on him made it so much less painless. It was like you weren't even there. And I truly believe that he is just sleeping as we never really saw the transition from sedation to death, which I really felt made a huge difference! And the care you took with his body after passing made me feel so much more at peace.

I cannot thank you enough and have already let people know about your company and the amazing services you have provided at such a painful time. If you could pass this email on to Larry as well, I would greatly appreciate it!!
Angela Panek RN MS FNP-BC

Dr. Lori,
I wanted to thank you for the compassion and gentleness you showed myself and my beloved cat, Arwen. The decision to end a treasured life is so very difficult, but you were so kind and caring through out the procedure, the unbearable was bearable. Arwen was my heart an you made her passing so peaceful. I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you again for the support you gave on that most difficult of days.
Ms. Jean

Dear Dr. Lori,
Words cannot describe how much your love, care and concern meant to my family during Nikki's final days. While the death of a beloved pet is inevitable, the whys and hows are kept at bay being too emotional to think about. You have made this experience a supportive and meaningful one for me, Rachel and Lewis. Several friends are in the throes of dealing with serious health issues with their elderly pets. I have given your practices name and number to them and trust that they will receive the same kind support you have given us. Thank you , again, from the bottom of my heart.
Best Regards, Caryn

Dr. Smith, Our entire family wants to thank you again for your kindness and deep understanding as we said good bye to Charlie. While he was only with us for 17 months he had a profound effect on our lives. We thank you for your professionalism and a faith shared.

Bill & Mary

Good morning,

My name is Jackie Matz and I'm writing you all to thank you for helping us with our decision to put our sweet kitty, Missy to sleep last week. It was a heart-breaking decision to make but Dr. Kari Walters put our minds at ease and provided us with a beautiful, loving, peaceful experience. She has a beautiful heart and a loving spirit and we felt very blessed to have her help Missy "cross the rainbow bridge" as they say.

She curled our sweet little kitty up into a cozy basket and blanket before taking her away, and that is the lasting visual we have of our little Missy. Cozy, comfortable, and finally at peace.

Thank you so very much Dr. Kari! We will definitely be referring your service to our friends who are faced with the difficult decision of putting their pet to rest. My daughter Caroline and I appreciate you and your kind heart and we won't forget you.

Warm regards,

Jackie Matz

Dear Dr. Lowery,

Thank you for your handling of Sherman, in such a kind and caring manner, at a difficult time. It is never easy to lose a pet, friend, companion and member of the family. We also appreciated the literature, the donation to the Morris Foundation for Animals, and the card you sent.

Sincerely, Marilyn & Jim

My husband and I want to thank Dr. Megan Coveyou, DVM for everything she did for us with our beloved Tyson.

I contacted Caring Pathways November 30, 2015 in the evening and talked to Dr. Megan about our 19 year old Rottweiler, he had tried to get up and was not able to (we believe he as a mild seizure that night) he did eventually get up, and Dr. Megan offered to come out to check him. I think she picked up on my anxiety over that right away as we were not ready to say good bye. Dr. Megan said let’s wait until the morning and see how he is doing, with so much compassion in her voice, that I knew this women honestly felt my heart ache.

December 1, 2015
My husband and I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and of course the very first thing we did is check on our Tyson, he could not stand up and he was not even going to try, he had a look on his face that he was done. My heart broke into a million pieces, I reached out to Caring Pathways again and reached Dr. Meagan still on call. I told her Tyson’s condition, and she said I can be there in an hour, she was there even before an hour.

When Dr. Megan arrived she asked us to help Tyson up and he did stand but was very weak, she gave us the news that we already in our hearts knew. Dr. Meagan explained the process every step, she allowed us to spend time with him and always asked if we were ready for the next step. Dr. Meagan is the most compassionate person I have ever met in a situation like this, she was warm, loving and empathetic to what we were going through. I saw her shed tears through this process which only solidified my initial thoughts about Dr. Meagan’s compassion.

Caring Pathways is an exceptional service that allowed us to say goodbye to our beloved Tyson in his own environment without being stressed out, and Dr. Meagan is awesome! I would highly recommend this service to anyone they really care about the loss of your animals from beginning to end. Thank you again Dr. Meagan for everything you did and the thoughtful card you sent at just the right time.

Tim and Lisa Martinez

Dear Caring Pathways,
Whew - it's been two weeks since Dr. Lori came to our house to help us let our little buddy Grady pass peacefully. Still fresh, but her work and presence made that event "softer". We appreciated her gentleness, patience, professionalism as Grady went from being in our house to being in our hearts.

Thank you, Carol, Dave, Sophie & Jake

Dr. Lori,

From the bottom of my heart and with all my soul, I wanted to thank you.
Your level of professionalism, empathy, compassion and warmth is absolutely unmatched. The call I made to Caring Pathways was emotionally the hardest thing I've ever had to do, especially not knowing who was going to show up at my doorstep. I will forever be grateful that person was you. Next to Brandi, Kooga was my very best friend, and no words could ever describe how thankful I am that he ended up in your hands. I truly believe Kooga knew why you were there that night and watching him nudge your head with his before it was time to go brought me great peace. Dr. Lori, you were and are a blessing to both Brandi & I but more importantly you were my best friends angel.

My best to you and your team to Caring Pathways, Adam & Brandi

Thank you so very much for your services. Dr. Lori was wonderful. We couldn't have asked for anything better. Our dog was our child, and was a Sweetie. Thank you for the love and care. We have nothing but gratitude.

Kim Lautermilch

Dr. Lowery,
Thank you for coming to our home on Monday evening and helping us with Chester Kitty. I know in his special way he said thank you. I want you to know how much your compassionate and caring way really comforted us all.

Thank you and all the best, Lisa & Chester

I cannot express my gratitude to Lori and Caring Pathways! This is always a tough time for all dog owners. I have had many dogs but Fergie was so special. I'm sure everyone has that one special dog. I could not have asked for a more caring, thoughtful, loving person to help me through this process. I'm deeply indebted to Lori and Caring pathways!

The book by Alan Wolfelt is excellent. I'm grieving, but I'm celebrating the life of the best dog I ever had!! Lori you made it an easy and memorable experience. You are a very special person!

Much Love,

Dear Dr. Lori,

We cannot thank you enough for the service you provided for our dog Sarah two weeks ago. The compassion and sincere kindness in explaining everything to us made us feel more at ease. Our dog Sarah even felt relaxed with you Lori, even though her last breath was the hardest thing to see…we knew in our hearts is was time to let her go. It was a hard couple of weeks for us since she was like a child to us. Your condolence card was kind and meaningful including the book you gave us…it really helped us out.

The good news is we have opened our hearts to a new rescue dog from 4Paws Rescue who had saved her from a 3 day kill shelter in New Mexico. She’s a 1 year husky mix with an unbelievable amount of love and joy. She has helped heal our void even if it has only been two weeks after Sarah’s passing. I was not into getting a new dog and was grieving in different way than my wife was who found her on a rescue site. My wife persuaded me to just go out and take a look…thank God she did because it was love at first site, when we saw her we knew and said “why not?” Our new pup “ASPEN” has helped us out with the pain of the loss but I’m sure the feeling is mutual since she hit the jack pot with us and is getting spoiled rotten.

Thanks again for the care you provided Lori, below are a few photos of our new pup.

Adam, Janet, Lauren and Ricky

PS…we have already referred your site to some of our friends who may need your service in the very near future.

Dear Lori,

I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you were able to come to our home and help us make the toughest decision of our lives. Guinness was big in every sense of the word and losing him has left a giant void. However, being able to give him a peaceful, calm & comfortable exit has left us with peace in our hearts. What you do is not easy, but so very important. Thank you from the bottom of our healing hearts.

All the best,
Lauren, Kevin, Arden, Diesel, Bella & most of all Guinness

Dear Lori,

Thank you so much for the card and the beautiful words you sent us. We want to thank you for being such a special person in helping us with our little furry child Winston. You have a gift that is one of the most special gifts anyone could have in their lives. You made us feel so much love that day you were here. You made a difficult time into a warm and loving time. You gave us the chance to be with Winston in a way we never thought to be possible. To be able to be with Winston in our home and for him to be in his own bed was the most wonderful thing we could have asked for. And you made that possible for us. There are no words we can say to you for what you have given us. You will always be in our hearts for all you have done. We would not have made it through this difficult time if it had not been for your help. We are taking it one day at a time for now. There are lots of sad and happy tears for Winston. He will always be our number one little boy. The house feels empty along with our hearts, but one day there will be more furry little children for us to love.

Thank you again so very much,
Walter and Barbra Hochner

I wanted to take a moment to thank you (Dr. Walters) for making the trip to Brighton and helping us say goodbye to Murphy. I miss the little guy dearly and there is no easy way to ever let a buddy go. In fact, I just started loading the dishwasher and wondered why he wasn’t right there helping with the “pre-rinse” cycle…he always tried to clean the dishes as I put them in the dishwasher. He was such a good helper!

We got Murph’s ashes back yesterday, happy to have him back home. What a lovely and caring presentation in the velvet bag with the Rainbow Bridge reference.

Dr. Walters, you do not have an easy job and I commend you for your compassion and obvious care and concern you have for the humans and pets you help. Thank you for making a horrible time a bit easier.

Kind Regards,
Charlene Thoma

Thank you Caring Pathways for all you did for our sweet "Carly". A very special thank you to Dr. Kary Walters, who made the experience much better than we thought such an experience like this could be. You have a beautiful gift! You made us feel as if you knew Carly, as if you too were losing your beloved pet. You are an amazing person your kindness and caring manner made such a difference for our family.

Thank you so much
The Brust family

Dr. Walters came to my home on Friday 8/28/15 to euthanize my kitty Cotton, also known as KeeKee, Burrito, CB (Cotton Ball) and Mishk. We loved her so dearly and I'm still quite distraught but wanted to not only thank Kary but to thank you as an organization for even existing. Dr. Magnuson must be the most wonderful man along with his staff to help people with the care of their pets before and after their death. Dr. Walters hugged me and held my arm while my beloved Cotton was dying and I may not have been able to make it through without that support and kindness. I understand you have an open area where you spread the ashes and that is such a better image than what I imagine most clinics doing. My sweetie was about 12 years old and had cancer that spread quite quickly and I could not imaging her going through any pain or suffering. She used to come up to me any time I was crying and lick my arm. I was so lucky with both of my cats, I have Flannel too, who is quite sad right now as well. Cotton was loving but quite timid and we often thought she may have been abused before we got her since she was so scared of everything, we just let her be who she was and she paid us back over and over again with her adorableness. I can never have her back but I am coming to terms with the fact that I did the best thing for her. I am so grateful to my parents for paying for the service in my home as Cotton was traumatized by her surgery(to remove the tumor) and I just couldn't imagine having to bring her back to a veterinary clinic. The booklet you give to the pet parents is very helpful. It's hard to cope when so many people think animals are "just" animals but now I know that doesn't concern me. I loved my pet how I wanted and miss her how I want and cry when I darn well please. I know I have a long road ahead and will continue to think of the good times I had with my girl and that she was with me during her final breath. I couldn't have asked for more.

From the bottom of my heart
Thank you!

Christy Anstett

Dr. Lowery, Dr. Smith & Caring Pathways,

There are no words to express our deep felt thanks to Caring Pathways, and in particular, Dr. Smith & Dr. Lowery for what you did for Pearl and for us during this very difficult time.

Dr. Smith, you worked with us for over a year. You are truly an amazing doctor as well as person. You were so informative, patient, and gentle. Your words helped us to know when to make this very difficult decision. When the time came to put Pearl down, Dr. Lowery came to our home. She was truly astonishing. She took all the time that was necessary to get us through this very sad time. The word "compassion" doesn't begin to describe Dr. Lowery's response to the situation. It was so impressive watching her with Pearl. It meant so much to us the way she treated Pearl throughout the procedure. When she placed Pearl on the stretcher, covered her, leaving her head out, it was as though Pearl was taking a nap. This was so kind and caring.

When we felt Caring Pathways had done everything they could do to help us through this difficult time, we received a card with a personalized note from Dr. Lowery, a donation card in Pearl's name and a beautiful heartfelt "Rainbow Message". There are no words to express how Mary & I felt about Dr. Smith, Dr. Lowery and the Caring Pathways organization. We are so grateful to all of you.

Susan & Mary

It's been almost three weeks since Winston went over the rainbow bridge. And words cannot express how grateful I am for you making Winston so comfortable and so peaceful that Monday night.

Thank you very much for giving us all our last request in such a beautiful way.

-The Remacle Family

This past week has been extremely rough, I lost my best pal chico. The decision to let my dog go was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Caring pathways was heaven sent. Danielle was so sweet and understanding, even during such a trying time. They are very professional from the first phone to that hard day they made things just a little easier. Thank you!

-Liz Strauss

Words cannot express how much I appreciate your gentle soul and touch during this difficult time. My dog Dutchess was a special needs dog how suffered from an array of ailments Dr.Megan took the time to access her and determined it was indeed her time. She was loving,kind and truly made me feel like she cared for myself and my dog. Thank you Caring pathways for providing such compassion and care in your services.

Zach Taylor

It has been two lonely weeks since Dr. Lori Lowery came to help Ledson end a short life, so well lived. She was so professional compassionate, supportive, and respectful of the time I needed to be with him. My final loving image of the big Golden Retriever was him lying peacefully covered in a blanket with his head resting comfortably on a pillow. Thank you for making this painful time one of dignity for his Being.

-Jasmine Martin

There are not enough adjectives to describe the wonderful practice and services we recently received from Caring Pathways.

Dr. Magnuson was so compassionate, gentle, caring and kind when he came to our home. His professionalism and experience were immediately evident as he guided us and helped us know it was time for our beloved cat, Korki, to travel to the Rainbow Bridge.

Korki passed peacefully, painlessly and surrounded by love on my lap in the calm and quiet of her home. Words can never express our gratitude to Dr. Magnuson for his kind words,skilled hands and gentle demeanor during this heartbreakingly difficult time. We were allowed the consideration and luxury of all the time we wanted to say our goodbyes, never once feeling hurried or rushed.

In time our wonderful memories of our "Korki Cat" will help ease the emptiness that is now in our hearts. We cannot thank Dr. Magnuson enough for providing us with other positive memories from the last peaceful moments as we said goodbye.

Dr. Magnuson, it requires a rare soul to be able to possess what seems to be so innate in you. We will be forever grateful for your sensitivity, compassion and kindness. There is a special place in heaven for you.

-Marsha and Joe Hallahan

Dr. Walters,

Thank you very much for the thoughtful card you sent us in regards to Rea. We were so blessed to have you be the one to come to our house. The compassion & grace you showed really meant the world to us. Rea was normally a very shy girl and to see her cuddle up next to you and give you kisses, I know she appreciated the grace you were showing her. Though this has been hardest thing we have ever done we were blessed it was you who came. Thank you for your kindness.

-Keri & Grant

Dr. Walters and Caring Pathways Team,

Thank you for coming to my house on a Saturday morning to help me and my dog, Mocha. She was such a sweet dog, never resting until she knew everyone was o.k. Mocha was love, unconditional love. I am glad she didn't have to be in pain, or loaded into the car when she was at her end. Thank you for directing my grief, your kindness, compassion and gentle manner.


Danielle Rope,

DVM was so amazing helping me through the process of one of the hardest decisions of my life. I didn't know her beforehand. But I trusted my vet who recommended Caring Pathways for when the time was right. Caring Pathways never hesitated when I called the morning of a holiday weekend and asked for 5:00pm. I wanted one last day with my best friend, and they never hesitated. Danielle Rope allowed us time together in Kira's final hour. She was understanding, compassionate, and kind. I can't recommend Caring Pathways enough if you need this service. They made it bearable.

-Sharilyn Hanson

Dear Dr. Magnuson & the Caring Pathways Team,

Thank you for your gentle and caring way you handled our little Chloe's passing. Your kindness and experience made the best of a very difficult time for us, and we sincerely appreciate your professionalism. We miss Chloe dearly, but we are beginning to remember her with smiles instead of tears.

Kindest regards,
Kevin & Lori


This past Monday, May 18th, you helped Chloe my little white kitty; transition from this world to the next. You really made an unbearable event not only bearable but you helped me keep my promise to her that she wouldn't suffer. It's been tough the past few days. I have already received Chloe's ashes & that has helped. The words "Thank You" are not adequate but Chloe, Thalia & I want you to know how grateful we are that it was you who helped us in our time of need.

Chloe, Thalia & Micky

Dr. Lori Lowery came to our home and assisted our majestic Yellow Lab Smitty to gracefully and with quiet dignity pass peacefully.We are so grateful to the Doctor and to Caring Pathways for all the services rendered.

Smitty was all my other dogs...and all our other dogs...and himself...rolled into one...and I loved him like no other....and he loved me like no other. we surely do miss him.

-Clarke & Linda Houston

I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. Lori Lowery for helping our 14 yr old German Short Hair, Josey. Dr. Lowery was very respectful, caring and compassionate. Josey passed peacefully in our home. Thank you for your help in this difficult process.

-Steve Mixson

If you love your pet, and "It's time..." Caring Pathways is the way to go. Dr. Lori was so kind, so calm, so understanding, so supportive. She was the person meant to help us during such a sad and difficult time. Such a peaceful and respectful experience. I love my Abbie girl, and am comfortable knowing I did the best for her.

-Margie Masoner

Caring Pathways and Dr. Lori were extremely patient, compassionate and caring. Dr. Lori sat and talked with us as long as we needed. It's with her genuine care and concern we were able to get through this heartbreaking situation.

-Lory & Ryan

Dr. Amy was absolutely wonderful, and made the very difficult and emotional process of parting ways with our special Miniature Schnauzer Girl, Karma, more bearable. She was kind, prompt, flexible, empathetic, informative,and reassuring through it all. Having her come to our home and shepherd us through the process, and treat this time, ourselves, and our girl with the dignity that we hoped for was truly a blessing. We were reminded of this several days later when Dr. Amy sent us a beautiful sympathy card. She is just outstanding and a fantastic ambassador for Caring Pathways. While we are still very much grieving over the loss of our Karma, Dr. Amy and Caring Pathways helped us down the path.

Thank You So Much,
Colin & Vicki Grice
Thornton, CO

Dear Dr. Lowery,

We want to thank you for your compassion and sensitivity during a very hard time for our family. We recently had to make that very hard call to put our 12 year old yellow lab, Belle, down. You arrived at our house promptly, took time to answer all of our many questions, and explained the process to us including to our two young daughters. We can't express enough how grateful we were that you were able to come to our home and allow our beautiful Belle to go to the "Rainbow Bridge" with her family by her side all on short notice. We found it amazing that you made us your priority, with no time restrictions, allowing us time for our goodbyes. You were very professional, sensitive and caring. You made this tough time in our lives a little easier. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Best Regards,
Jennifer, Sean, McKenna and Delaney O'Brien

Dear Dr. Lowery, Lori thank you so very much for your help with our dear Chuck last Saturday (4-18-15). I feel with Chuck being in his own home with him passing, it was peaceful for him. It was for me. Thank you for making that happen. What a wonderful service Caring Pathways provides! Yesterday I picked up Chuck's ashes - he is Home! This was perfect timing because today we had 5 trees planted on our property in Chuck's name! He is forever with us! Once again Lori, thank you so much for your caring, understanding and compassion! We are forever grateful to you!

-Take Care, Laura, Missy & C

Dr. Kelly Knoll & Team, I wanted to thank you for the respect and consideration you showed toward Chief. At the most difficult of times your kindness was comforting to us all. Although I will treasure memories of Chief as a young, active dog I will also treasure our last time with him as a result of your gentle and caring assistance.

Fondly, Maria & Greg

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Dear Dr. Knoll -- my family and I would like to tell you how much you helped us last night as we said goodbye to Teddy. He was a big part of our lives and our family and saying goodbye was very difficult for all of us. You made it easier by coming to our house and walking us so gently through the process. Although we will miss Teddy every day, having his final moments be so warm and peaceful offered tremendous relief and we appreciate it. Thank you for everything.

-Erin Larkin

Dear Dr. Knoll, With a still shakey hand, I write today to thank you with gratitude almost beyond discription for helping our old girl across the Bridge. Your compassion, skill and sincerity are remarkable in light of the immense responsibility you carry in bringing aid to not only the animals but also to their families. Shadow's passing leaves a void that cannot be filled, but our little Lady would expect "reasonable" grieving an then recovery. It will be easier due to the repectful and calm procedure here on Saturday that we can remember. Thank you.

Very Gratefully, Bob & Linda

Dear Dr. Amy & Caring Pathways, We cannot express how thankful we are for you caring and professinoalism through this difficult part of our life. You make the process easier on us knowing he is at peace. Cypress was a huge part of our lives and there is a hole but it's getting easier.

Sincere thanks, Kathy & Nate

Dear Dr. Knoll, Thank you again for coming out to our home last Monday morning to set our poor old Roachie Poachie free from the suffering I know he was having to endure in his final days. Thank you for being kind, gentle, patient, and sharing so much information about what to expect. I'm so glad I didn't have to take him away form his home to let him go. One more special friend gone from my life. Another piece of my heart gone. I will miss him.

Sincerely, Susan

Kelly, On behalf of, Michelle, Brian and myself we can not begin to express our gratitude for your kind words and warm heart. You made our experience very peaceful and loving. Your compassion is hard to find these days and we feel lucky to have had you for this hear time of healing. Scully was such a good freind and your held our pain in your hands with such care and passion. You wear your heart on your sleeve just like she did. Thank you for making us feel like her life was more than a paycheck. Her memory will live in our hearts forever and so will you. We will never forget you.

Your friends, Michelle, Brian, Amber & Scully

Dr. Coulter, We just wanted to thank you for all your kindness while you were taking care of us snf out boys (Remi & Jake). You were so good at keeping all of us calm and it is/was greatly appreciated. You made sure our minds were at ease with everything and we thank you for that as well. We are forever grateful for your caring and sharing.

Sincerely, Mike & Deb

Dr. Kelly, I can't express enough what the simple words of thank you meant to Scully and I. To be able to hold her precious paw in my hand as she said goodbye will forever stay in my heart. She was a wonderful being. A present that filled even the darkest of days. We went through a lot her and I. And to be able to say goodbye to her in the way your service provides was a heaven scent. And no I did not misspell it. Her scent still catches me at moments, that last breath I can still fell on my face. The look in her eyes when she told me it's okay. She did not like being alone. And I'm truly thankful to you and your service that she wasn't alone, in a place she didn't want to be. How peaceful she left this world is as peaceful as I first saw her.

Simply Thank you! Michelle

I had to wait a few days before I was able to even write about our lost little love. We were so deeply moved by Dr. Magnuson and how soft spoken and gentle he was. This was my very first pet, so I didn't know what to expect. We did know that as much as we loved our vet, we didn't want Nikki to have to go to her office for this. She never liked going to the vet, especially since our visits were frequent towards the end. Dr. Magnuson explained the entire process to us and what to expect. He did recognize that she was ready. She was unafraid and I put her in my lap and she was comfortable to the end. We loved the fact that he had a pretty basket to put her in to transport her. He even let us put her pet bed in it with her. He tucked her in with towels and didn't cover her face. It was the sweetest thing, as sad as it was. We have told my neighbors about Caring Pathways because we believe every pet should be able to be in the comfort of their own home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. When it is her sister's time, we will definitely call upon you again.

-Donna Ballard

When you are faced with the most heart wrenching decision that you can ever make in providing the same wonderful loving care to your pet that you gave it in life, Caring Pathways is the very best. I've had to transition two of my very loved animals into death and both were done in a veterinary clinic and left me with an uneasiness in my decision that I have never been able to forget, and somewhat regret. Caring Pathways provides the very best compassionate alternative for both you and your pet. I cannot even put into words how compassionate and caring Dr. Coulter was in helping us transition through this hard event. In my opinion, they are the only ones who can assist you in your decision. I cannot thank Dr. Coulter enough for her kindness, her compassion and understanding. This vet service is simply the cut above every other alternative, from beginning to end. I miss my little one dearly, I cannot think about her without tearing up, but the regret and uneasiness is not there in my decision this time...and, thanks to the Caring Pathways vets.

We wanted to thank Caring Pathways for being so kind, caring, and compassionate during a very difficult time. We felt comfort in knowing that Mocha passed away very peacefully surrounded by those that loved her the most.


I feel I cannot possibly express my gratitude adequately at this time, so soon. Perhaps I can figure out how to say it in a few days or weeks. For now, I want to say ThankYou. Thank You to Dr. Magnuson for creating Caring Pathways, and Thank You to Kay and Dr. Lowery for helping with such understanding and care. We were in need of special help and you came to the rescue, providing that help professionally and, so importantly, with compassion.

Forever grateful, Rhonda

Thank you for the prompt and tender-loving care you extended to Zo in her time of need. You treated her with the sensitivity and love that she personified throughout her wonderful life. It made her passing peaceful and a light shown in the room as she passed. What more could we have asked?

Thank you kindly also for the touching message in you wrote to us in the book that you left with us. Take care and keep up your good work!

Love, Peace and Light,
Don and Dixie

Thank you so much Larry and Tricia. Your patience, kindness and professionalism made one of the hardest days of my life much easier. You are truly Angels and helped Randy gracefully make his way to the Rainbow Bridge. There are not the words to express my gratitude.

- Randy's mom, Jodi

Dear Lori, 2 months ago we went through one of the hardest things in life, the loss of our sweet Sady. It was one of the hardest decisions we would ever make in our lives. It truely takes a special kind of person to help us through the hardest times. We are so grateful for you and everyone at Caring Pathways. You made one of the worst times in our lives sooo much more caring and meaningful than we could have imagined. Thank you for all you do!!!

Angie, Shane & Amber

Dear Dr. Magnuson, Many thanks for your compassion with our dog, Harper, last weekend. While we are devastated Harper is gone, we take comfort in knowing his life ended in such a peaceful way. Please pass along my thanks to Kay, as well. Kay, like you was so kind and patient when I called. You have no idea how much that means to us. Thank you again for your help, kind words and compassion during oa difficult time.

Sincerely, Lynne

Dear Dr. Larry, There are no words to thank you for your loving and thoughtful treatment of all of us as we said good-bye to our amazing Maguire. You have a gift and I hope you know that we will always have a special place in our hearts for you. I only wish we could have met under more joyful circumstances, but you made a very unpleasant event as wonderful as it could be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your friends, Tom, Meghan, Ryan and Devon

Dr. Amy, Thank you so much for helping us with a difficult decision. Dude passed away so peacefully. John & I truly appreciated your compassion and experience with the dying process. I know we did the right thing.

With graditude, Angie

Dear Dr. Lowery & The Caring Staff, My family & I wanted to write to say thanks for the care you provided our beloved Stella dog as she passed away this past Saturday. Dr. Lori, you were an angel to both Stella and to our family. That was one of the hardest days for all of us and your compassion, gentleness & caring ways helped all of us move gracefully through an otherwise excruciating morning. I feel peace in my heart knowing that Stella passed feeling safe, comfortable and loved. We all remain heart broken without her here but are thankful she is free from pain. Thank you for being so kind & good to us!

Hugs, Lisa, Chris, Scarlett & Memphis

Dear Amy, Lily and I want to thank you for making an unbearable event gentle and peaceful. What you gave us was a gift and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you again, Gayle & Lily

Words can't really express how we feel about the amazing service Dr Lori Lowery and your organization provided recently. Our German Shepherd Anja, almost 14 years old, shockingly and unexpectedly was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, with no hope of treatment or even survival beyond a few days. Two years ago I had picked up one of your brochures from my vet - looking at it again we knew we had to make the decision to sadly end her life, and that we wanted your organization to care for our special girl. Dr Lowery arrived just 90 minutes after we made the call, and spent over 2-1/2 hours with us. It was quiet, peaceful, and the most wonderful transition for Anja we could have hoped for. Everything was perfect - from the calming effect she had on us, the way she included our other dog, allowing him to be part of the process, and the loving manner in which she tucked a blanket around Anja for her final journey. She even took the trouble to come back the following day to collect a toy which we had forgotten to send with her......

Allowing beloved family companions to pass in their own home, with the people who love them, is an incredible gift. Our girl gave us her best in life, and thanks to you we were able to give her the best in return when that life came to an end.

With gratitude,
Susan and Robert.

Thank you Amy. I am grateful for what you did for Homer and I. She was the most beautiful cat in the universe. All the Best to you.

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion that you showed my family during a very difficult time. Dr. Amy Coulter came to our house quickly and professionally to assist Shotze’s euthanasia. Dr. Coulter went above my expectations. What was thought to be a scary situation for my daughters turned out to be a graceful journey for Shotze. There were so many tears, but Dr. Coulter helped us with the whole grieving process and explained every step that was going to happen. Our younger dog was even involved and was able to participate.

Again, I could not have asked for a more blessed experience with our beloved Shotze. Thank you for your services and providing us with a peaceful process of life.

Tanya Filtz

Dear Dr. Kelly, Tod & I were so impressed with your professionalism and compassion exhibited by you when you came to help us ease our sweetest Ginger to doggie heaven. As I describe our experience to friends and family, I describe how I feel you took care of Courage, Tod & I in addition to excellent care of Ginger Pinger Pingee. What a beautiful experience to witness Pingee transition to her most blissful, peaceful spot with no more disease and pain. We have shared our experience with many. I spent 5 hours in the kitchen yesterday & I missed Ginger immesnsely, but reminded myself she was in a much better place. At times Courage will look at me, then over to his fave sofa spot, he thinks I am hiding her from him. We are all healing.

Sincerely Yours, Tod, Deb & Courage

Dr. Amy, I can't thank you enougth for your professionalism and sensitivity. I was a mess! We are mending and will miss Maizy forever. You came over quickly in the middle of the night and I can't tell you how much we appreciate that. We will share your services for sure. We plan on adopting another cat or two! Adult cats that nobody wants. I will never forget your kindness.

Amy & Galch

Dear Lori (Dr. Lowery), Thank you so much for yoru beautiful card and the kind & heartfelt sentiments. Most of all my deepest appreciation for making Kyli's final moments loving & peaceful this last memory plays over in my mind and you have made it an act of kindness & more bearable. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your comforting thoughts & wishes of sympathy. I will never forget you. God Bless you! Dr.

Nikol & Serena

We can't begin to express how much Caring Pathways helped us through what could be the hardest time in our lives. They made what could have been the hardest day of our lives, thus far, something somewhat bearable. Dr. Knoll came to our house and treated us like family, and truly had the best intentions for us and our best friend Daisy in mind. We couldn't imagine our baby's final moments any other way, please feel comfortable knowing these people will actually help you through one of your toughest moments with care and thoughtfulness. Take care, and our thoughts are with you.

-Evan & Kyla Danziger

Caring Pathways, especially Dr. Kelly Knoll & Kay Howard, Thank you all for the wonderful work you all do. Every step of the way, compassionate, professional and loving. Kay - I called you first thing in the morning on Monday, 1/19/15. You listened to me and met my needs. Thank you for being so caring. Dr. Kelly - Words can't express the gratitude our family has for the compassion and love you showed all of us. You didn't just provide a merciful service for Rocksie, you gave our family a special gift - we got to give Rocksie a peaceful goodbye in her home, surrounded by love. Bless you all!

Terri, Guinness, Monk & Joe

Dear Dr. Magnuson & Caring Pathways, Thank you for your kind letter & words of condolences regarding the loss of our dog, Ferdi. Words cannot express our gratitude for the kind, gentle & loving way she was able to leave this earth. Dr. Magnuson, you were truly called to do this work. God's plan for you. And we feel so blessed to have welcomed you into our home to help us say goodbye. It is truly amazing what a deep impact animals have on our lives. We've spent the week grieving & sharing fond memories of our treasured family pet. She truly missed!

Our deepest appreciation, The Winters Family

Dear Dr. Amy, Our heartfelt belated thanks for the warmth and love you showed us and Lizzy a couple of weeks ago. I can't imagine a better experience, considering the cirumstances, than the one you graced us with. The card you sent, and the beautiful rainbow bridge selection, again moved us to tears. We miss Lizzy very, very much, but are comforted by your words that she is free of her body, and at peace. We believe that, as well. You own kids and your own pets, are indeed lucky to have you. Thanks for everything!

Dear Dr. Magnuson, Thank you so much for your kindness and help with Jackson. You made that terrible situation that much easier for us. Your kindness and compassion was much appreciated and did not go unnoticed by Marla and myself. We received the paw print and it is a wonderful memory of an awesome dog. We miss him. We will pass your name along if we have any friends/family in need of your services. You are a great service to pet lovers.

Thanks, Marla & Andrew

Dr. Kelly Knoll & Team, Thank you very much for your card about Yukon. Your thoughts and words meant an awful lot to us. Your kind words & expressions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us & also just listening to our stories about Yukon and his brother, Denali. Yukon meant the world to us and he is now with his brother Denali... We'll miss him dearly, Ed & Chris

Dear Kelly, thank you for your kindness in helping us with Gracie's passing on Dec. 11th at our home. It must be a hard job to help beloved pets pass, but your kindess, support and guidance really helped us through the hard time. Althought it was very sad, your approach helped us remember it as a peaceful transition rather than a traumatic event. That is certainly the most we can hope for with any passing. We miss Gracie, but remember her fondly without regret. Happy Holidays to you! Mari & Greg

Dear Kelly, Just wanted to send a quick note expressing our gratitude and thankfulness to you, for your services on Kyra's last day with us. Your professionalism and compassion were very comforting in such a difficult time. There was truly no detail, that wasn't addressed and for that, we are forever grateful. We are slowly adjusting to life without her, although we still miss her sooooo much right now. We tend to find comfort in teh memories and photos from the past 13 years. Thank you again, for everything!

The Keller Family

I just wanted to thank Dr. Lori Lowery and Caring Pathways for making Hayduke's passing so peaceful. Michael & I are so grateful for the loving care Lori provided to all of us. We knew Hayduke's time was short and were concerned that finding help for him would be difficult during the holidays. We had resolved that Hayduke would spend his last moments at home, with us, and not make a stressful trip to the vet's office. Our vet, Hampden Family, recommended Caring Pathways to us. Hayduke was doing great, but on his last day, we knew his time had come. I was able to sit with him all day as he dozed. He was completely at peace, and Lori's soft presence did not cause him any stress at all. My tears were tears of gratitude. For Hayduke's long and happy 15 year life and for the peaceful, loving passage Lori provided. I am so thankful that Caring Pathways is here, 24/7, for our dear pets and their people.

Sincerely, Kim & Michael

Dr. Lori Lowery, a special thanks to you for your sincere kind and gentle way in helping my Sachi transition into her eternal life. My Sachi had grown quite old and was in her end stage of life; she was quite old and ill. That Saturday morning I just knew it was time, I could not stand to see her suffer any longer. When I called Caring Pathways, they sent to us Lori who was most understanding and caring; I was a mess, filled with doubt and emotion. Lori guided us through every step. My Sachi drifted into her final moments and I saw genuine peace come to her. I know that Sachi had a safe journey as she joined Khan, Wiley, Tisha and Mikey; who await my arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where we shall reunite and spend eternity TOGETHER. Again, thank you Dr. Lowery. You are truly an angel.

-Mark Hernandez

Your Caring Pathways Tribute
Dear Dr. Larry Magnuson,
Thank you for your incredible compassion and care. I could not have asked for more the morning you came to the house so Lola and I could say goodbye to Hercules. I truly appreciate your kindness and the good work you and Caring Pathways do.

Monica & Lola (& Hercules, RIP)

Dear Dr. Coulter, Thank you so much for making a very unhappy experience a lot more bearable. Your kindness was so appreciated. Shandy's brother Rocky owned by Kevin joined Shandy soon after Christmas, so she'll have company on Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you again, Bob, Margaret, Ashley & Patrick

Dear Dr. Lowery, You are Jazz's angel, thank you! We really appreciated your gentle touch, kindness, and patience at such a diffucult time for us. Jazz will be missed terribly, but we are grateful she shared our lives for over 14 years and had given us so many memories. Our hearts are lightened by the wonderful thoughts of Rainbow Brigde and by the generous donation given to the Morris Foundation in Jazz's name. You and all of the Caring Pathways Team are truly gifts of God. Please continue to provide the great services of Caring Pathways.

Sincerely, Julie & Paul

Dr. Amy, Thank you for your compassion during Stormy's appointment on Dec. 22. I appreciate how you took care of both of us that day. The book was also very helpful, in particular the writing sections.

Take Care, Leslie

Dr. Lori, May you have a wonderful Holiday season & a Happy beautiful New Year! Thank you so much for all your help, kind & caring support with Oscar. It was & still is quite an emotional event but I am grateful to you for your assistance in making his transition peaceful! I can't thank you enough, It meant the world to me.

Sincerely, Tonni

Dear Dr. Knoll,
We wanted to personally and publicly thank you for helping us through the painful experience of saying good bye to our beautiful old cocker spaniel, Oscar. As important as it was for us to be able to be with Oscar in the privacy of our own home, we feel it was even more vital for him to be able to remain calm in his own bed receiving love and comfort from his people. I truly believe his passing could not have been more peaceful and painless. Your calm and reassuring presence added greatly to that difficult day and we are only left with positive memories. We also would like to thank you for the thoughtful message in the card you sent. We know this must be a difficult job, but it's an important service that you are clearly well suited for. Keep up the good work and take care!

Larry & Tiffanie

Dr. Lowery, I wanted to thank you again for your gentle care of my wonderful dog "P". She was so at ease which was my greatest concern. It has made the loss of her so much easier. Again thank you!

Warm Regards, Robyn

I want to thank Dr. Amy Coulter for her compassion on Sunday evening when she came to put my friend Darcy's beloved dog, Walter, to sleep. Her professionalism and caring manner helped us all through a difficult process. I would highly recommend her and your service.

Thank you Caring Pathways for being a wonderful option for us. Dr. Larry was so kind and he helped make a difficult time for our family be a little less so. We are so grateful that we had the privacy and peacefulness of our own home to say goodbye to our girl. Thank you.

We want to thank Caring Pathways, and especially Dr. Lori, for your compassionate care when we needed to help our beloved Sammy Cat. You were so gentle with him and so generous in helping us, too. Thank you. We appreciate and will never forget your kindness.

Jim and Gail Lindsey

Dear Dr. Knoll & Dr. Lowery, I so appreciate your care you provided our dog, Jake, last weekend. You were very comforting and helped us through a terrible few days. You are both wonderful vets!

Thank you, Maria & Todd

Dr Larry & staff, I wanted to deeply thank you for helping me w/Lucy's passing and processing the profound loss. The booklet "When your Pet Dies" helped me enormously as I went through the workbook. I miss her so much but am proud of the way we were able to help her leave here in peace and without pain or even fear for her. I will never forget the precious and sacred last moments we were able to create and ahve with her. So grateful for Caring Pathways.

Sincerely, Kristin

Dear Dr. Smith, We are most grateful for your kind, compassionate care ont his day that we said good-bye to Axel. We loved that dog witha ll of our hearts and we feels os good about giving him the gift of a peaceful death right here at home where he felt most comfortable and safe. You were exactly who we needed when we needed someone to help us help our friend. We will be eternally grateful.

Sincerely, Tambi, Peter, Rondinone & Nigel

Thank you so much for the compassion from the moment I called the office for answers to when the day arrived and I had to let him go. I appreciate everything that was done to honor my sweet Buster. Thank you again! Rachel & family

My experience with Caring Pathways began late one night when I finally realized I needed to consult a professional to help organize myself for a very difficult step. I recognized for the first time in my life that I had to put my beloved companion Bridget down because she no longer had any quality of life. I did an on line search which produced Caring Pathways. At 11:30 at night I called Caring Pathways and to my surprise with great relief a person actually answered the phone. Dr. Danielle who took the call was incredibly patient with me as I stumbled through the conversation. Dr. Danielle not only listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, she carefully with sympathy for my sorrow immediately gathered information and set up a time for Dr. Larry Magnuson to be to my home.

Dr. Magnuson came the next day promptly at the time Dr. Danielle had indicated. Dr. Magnuson listened to me and fully explained all the procedures only after he took the time to completely understand my emotional challenges. Dr. Magnuson properly advised me of the decision I knew was coming…I had to put my beloved Bridget down.

Dr. Magnuson was entirely immersed in the process where he was able to not only manage my questions and emotions he also concurrently managed the process of preparing Bridget and allowing her with dignity to move on to a better place later described to me as Rainbow heaven where I was most assured that she would be in a place bet plenty of food, water, friends and sunshine to keep her warm and comfortable forever… In my mind there are challenges in life we must address that are incredibly difficult. Caring Pathways is organization I would highly recommend because without consultation and advice from Dr. Danielle and Dr. Magnuson my beloved Bridget would not have had the comfort of moving on in her own home. Caring Pathways removes stress not only for you, but for your dog, cat, lizard, bird or any other companion animal that faces along with you the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with the prospect of euthanasia.

Thank you Dr. Danielle and Dr. Magnuson.

Dear Dr. Larry Magnuson,
Thank you for the work that you and your team do. November 3rd was a very sad day for us as we knew it was time to let our 22-year-old cat Shelby pass away. More than anything we did not want her final moments to be filled with stress and a cold, foreign, clinical environment. Being able to have our sweet girl pass away gently, at home in her fluffy bed, as comfortable as she could be, was the needed sweet in our bitter moment.

I want to thank Kay, who consulted with us that morning, for her kind and gentle manner. I want to thank you for your patience and understanding, and the gentle loving care you provided for Shelby. It is a comfort to know when the time comes, there is a way for the family to gather around their beloved animal companion, and help them to peacefully pass on. Our deepest gratitude to you.

My Dear Dr. Lori, You came to me this past Sunday 3/26/14 at 1:30am at the very darkest hour of my life. I knew I had to say goodbye to my little 17 year old mini-dachshund Sadie. She's been the daughter I never had and gave me such unconditional love I will treasure forever. I've lost a father and a husband within the same year. My Mom died last year around this time and the pain of course was great. But my heartbreak of losing Sadie right now hurts just as much. Your in-home service is a godsend. Sadie needed to have her last moments in my arms at home and not on the sterile table at the vet office. I've done that to my past pets and couldn't fathom putting Sadie and myself through that final experience. Dr. Lowry you will be in my heart and thank-you prayers for the rest of my life. It's just too bad Caring Pathways can't administer the same loving end to humans whose life on this earth is at a close. Your sincere kindness is beyond measure. All of my friends are just as thankful that Caring Pathways exists.

Love always,

Saying goodbye to a family member be it a pet or human is never easy. Frisco our 10 year Golden was very much a part of our family. He brought us so much joy and happiness. There comes a time when you have to make that difficult decision to say goodbye. The thought of his final hours away from home in a cold sterile vet room wasn't how we wanted to say our good bye. We were referred to Dr. Larry and knew this was what we wanted. Larry was amazing. Very thorough with details of the process, explained everything to our children and what to expect. Larry made us feel so comfortable in our own home. I would highly recommend Dr. Larry to share and take care of the final moments with your beloved pet.

Thank you Caring Pathways for all your great care, I first met with Dr. Lori who assessed my 18 year old cat Frank, we decided he was still OK and made some changes to help him. Then when the time came suddenly, I called and Kelly was there in an hour. She was so kind and helpful. It was a beautiful day, so we took him outside, he loved being outside and went so peacefully. The very next day we got a thoughtful and personal note from her and the paw print plaque, I was amazed! I have told everyone I've talked with about how wonderful she was and what a fantastic service this is. Hopefully it will be a very long time, but when the time comes, I will call again.


My family decided that our angel, Reggie deserves to pass away at home. When Dr. Kelly Knoll entered our home, she showed great compassion and love. I was so impressed and immediately knew that she is the right person to take care of our dog. She was so gentle, kind, took her time, explained the whole procedure step by step. I can't say about enough how much we appreciated her support on that night. Thank you so much for Caring Pathways, I definitely recommend your service to everyone. You are truly professional in easing the pet's pain and suffering.

We cannot thank you and your organization enough. Danielle came to our home, and immediately her calm and loving attitude made such a difference for us. Our sweet dog even wagged her tail when she saw her. Danielle was so calm and professional, and truly gave us everything we needed on one of the hardest days. Thank you for what you do.

We just wanted to thank Caring Pathways, Dr. Lori Lowery for her compassion and care of our beloved Akita-Husky mix Myah, who was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer that we tried to treat for a month with no possible positive outcome. She was slowly getting worse, so we had to make that dreadful decision that it was time for her to be at peace. We knew that we wanted her to be as comfortable and in her own surroundings when that time came. We called Caring Pathways and the attention, care, compassion that we received was wonderful. Dr. Lori Lowery was so nice and very comforting to us and our Myah. I would recommend anyone that has to go through this, to call Caring Pathways.

Thank you!
Donna and Jack Wegert

It's taken a couple of weeks before I could talk about it but I want to thank Caring Pathways and in particular Dr. Lori Lowery. After 17 years of love I came home to my old gal and I got the look. Anyone who is a dog lover knows it and it crushes the heart. Dr. Lowery was willing to come out that night (a Friday night when she would probably be happy doing plenty of other things) and help me and my girl Malachi say goodbye. Endlessly gentle with both my dog and us I cannot know how I would have handled this without her. For any pet lover this is the hardest most personal decision to make, Dr. Lowery made the hard choice easier and Malachi may not have been able to say it so I will say it for her, thank you.

Thank you, Dr. Amy Coulter. We were so thankful and blessed to have you help us transition our little Pugsley over the Rainbow Bridge. Your loving and gentle spirit was so comforting as we placed our little boy in your hands. I was especially grateful that you took time to get to know us and our pet before beginning the euthanasia process. We felt you were sincerely interested in making this painful time a little less difficult for us. I was also thankful that you were not hurried and you insured that our Pugsley was not in pain. We all felt so comfortable with you in our home.

Until we meet again,
the Garvey's.

Dr. Larry, Dr. Amy, and all the Caring Pathways team, This was the second time I have called upon Caring Pathways and cannot say enough. Dr. Larry did a consult on Monday and I had two more beautiful days with my 19-year-old Siamese, Simon. When Dr. Amy came on Wednesday for another consult, she helped me make the right decision. Simon choose to lie on my lap. His bonded friend Tamari was nearby. He quietly left for the Rainbow Bridge after the first shot letting all of us know that he was ready to move on.

Thank you -- Nanci Avitable

Losing my Maxi was the hardest thing I've had to deal with in a long time. Having him out to sleep at home was a wonderful experience and very calming for my sweet boy. Dr. Lori Lowery didn't know us or our situation, but we felt so much compassion from her. The moment she came into our home we felt as if she knew us and Maxi and felt all the pain and agony we were feeling. Thank you Dr. Lori for your gentleness, compassion, tender touch and understanding. The Arcuri's In loving memory of Maximus Moose. Rest in peace my sweet boy.

I had to pay tribute to this most excellent company. The decision we have to make to end the life of a friend is the hardest and saddest day of our lives, but also the last act of love you can give to your beloved friend. But Caring Pathways made the saddest day of my life so much easier. Dr Rope was so kind, so compassionate, so respectful and I will never be able to thank her enough. While I hope I won't have to recommend you for obvious reasons of course, you will be recommended highly if the need arises. I will be forever grateful for making my Kozmo's last moments so much easier. Thank you so much...

Ginny Shaw

Dr. Lori Lowery came to our house to assist with our 12 year old white lab Duke. We not previously met Dr. Lowery, and I cannot imagine a better experience than the one she provided. She was kind, compassionate, gentle, thoughtful, patient and overall wonderful. Everything she did was with the upmost respect and love for our family. Duke was able to be on his dog bed, with all of us of around him to love on him. While our hearts are still filled with sadness, we are also overwhelmed with the peace, love and comfort Dr. Lori Lowery provided us and our beloved Duke.

Our beloved dog Bella friend, companion and member of our family for 12 years became very ill. As most pet owners we were holding out hope that she would get better. She was diagnosed with bone cancer. We took her on one last trip to the family cattle ranch in Salida, one of Bella's favorite places. She became so ill that I called Csring Pathways and was greeted on the phone by Dr. Amy. Dr. Amy was so kind, caring and compassionate it helped make me feel better immediately. I explained the situation and asked if she could meet us at our house in Conifer in 2 hours. She said she could. When Dr. Amy arrived, she came in the house and immediately got on the floor and petted and talked with Bella. It was wonderful to see her genuine caring for her. She talked with me and my wife about the procedure, the whole time still talking with and petting Bella. She started the procedure and comforted me, my wife and Bella throughout the entire time. I cannot thank her and Caring Pathways enough for their wonderful service.

Thank you and Godspeed.

Our hearts are full, both from the loss of our special girl, Newbee (New Beginnings, because we gave her a fresh start after finding her at a dumpster 12 years ago and because she also gave us a new beginning and 12 beautiful years)and from the MOST CARING & BEAUTIFUL TREATMENT WE WERE AFFORDED FROM DR. LARRY MAGNUSON WHEN HE CAME TO HELP US GUIDE NEWBEE, OUR BABY, OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. Words could never express our thanks & appreciation to Dr. Larry and CARING PATHWAYS for helping us through this tragic time, and giving all of us, expecially her, the ability to stay in our home with our grief, and not have to go the Vet's office. Dr. Larry was so kind, compassionate, understanding, professional and calm during this very sorrowful time for us, and made what was a terrible evening for us, bearable. In addition, our hearts were lifted with receipt of his very personal condolence card, gift book with a written dedication to Newbee, etc. etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. MAGNUSON AND CARING PATHWAYS! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, AND SHOULD WE EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN, WE WON'T HESITATE TO HAVE YOU AT OUR SIDE. God Bless all of you for your special ministry of grace & love! NEWBEE, OUR BLACK LAB-MIX, WITH THE LITTLE GRAY BEARD AND BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES LIVES ON IN OUR HEARTS EVERY DAY, AND SHE WAS A JOY AND BLESSING EACH DAY OF HER LIFE FOR 12 WONDERFUL YEARS.


Dear Dr. Amy, It's been a week since you came and helped me say goodbye to Ginger. I wanted to thank you. I still cry, but I know she's better off. You were so perfect. I can't thank you enough for how you handled every moment. My husband picked up her ashes and paw print yesterday. I think I told you that we are moving to Hawaii. My daughter and I sailed off on a road trip starting this past Monday. Being out of the house and away from all the reminders helps to ease the pain. I'm going to spread Ginger's ashes in the ocean. Although she never made it to Hawaii, she loved the water. It seems fitting. I mentioned to you that I am a retired anesthesiologist. My new adventure in life is full-time writing. I have a blog and today I posted about Ginger. I thought you might like it, so here is the link: I wish you much success and happiness in life. You are truly special and I am so grateful that it was you that took Ginger's suffering away.

Aloha, Sherry Gorman

We would like to thank Dr. Mary Ann Smith and the rest of the staff at Caring Pathways for their kind, sensitive, and professional care of our wonderful Corgi, Trance, when it became apparent that it was time to euthanize him. Dr. Smith came by on a Sunday and took the time to carefully explain every step of the process to us. She was loving and gentle with Trance and respectful of our grief. She reassured us that we had indeed made the right decision, which helped us a great deal. The wonderful card, poem, and other items we received were also very helpful, and we appreciate the donation made in Trance's name. We will definitely recommend Caring Pathways to our friends and neighbors should the need arise.

MAC You licked my tears and warmed my hand and always made me understand that you were there; You got me up when I didn't want to go; through all these years I've loved you so, dear friend. You trusted me to know what's best, so trust me now to give you rest from shaking legs and panting breath. Just close your eyes, I'll hold you close and whisper in your ear, "It's time to go, to give you back, so God can hold you near." 2000 - March 10, 2014 My precious dog suffered a slight seizure Monday morning. Caring Pathways came at 10:30 to give him peace.

Dr. Amy Coulter we can not thank you enough for your compassion and kindness you showed us and most of all our dear Bailey!Although heart breaking, you treated Bailey like you had known him forever. The service you all provide is the most beautiful and peaceful way to have our beloved Bailey move on to his next journey. Thank you! The Meisinger Family

We wanted to say thank you to Dr. Magnuson, Dr. Mary Anne Smith, and the entire staff of Caring Pathways. Our 15 year old cat, Chantal became ill with kidney failure. Originally, Dr. Smith was coming for in home euthanasia, however, to our surprise when we arrived home, Chantal was alert, energetic, and still enjoying life. Dr. Smith examined Chantal and we all agreed that Chantal wasn’t ready and had some more living to do. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy a few extra weeks of time with her. When the time finally arrived, Chantal let us know that she was ready and Dr. Magnuson came to our home. Having never gone through euthanasia before with a pet family member, we weren’t sure what to expect. Dr. Magnuson explained each step and was so kind during the process of us saying goodbye to Chantal. It was so gentle and done with such compassion. Chantal went peacefully in the bed she loved and we had time to give her hugs and say our farewells. It sounds odd to say that for such a sad occasion, it was as beautiful as could be. The night was mild, the crickets were chirping, and we sat on the deck under the gazebo with the twinkling lights. Dr. Magnuson was fabulous and understanding in our sorrow. I would describe him as a ‘gentle soul’ and that was exactly what we needed that night. We have decided that when the time comes, we will certainly turn to Caring Pathways for assistance with our other pet family members. Many thanks, Jennifer and Sam Voige

Making that phone call was so hard. I had been thinking that was what I should do for quite awhile. Didn't make it any easier. My dog stopped moving, he stopped eating, he just stopped. That is when I knew I had to decide. It broke my heart, still does. Hard for me, good for Cisco. Mary Anne was so caring. She gave me all the time I needed. She also gave me information I needed to know on our way. I think he was very comfortable at the end. I do think he knew something was up and was maybe relieved. I don't have any regrets. Thank you Mary Anne for your knowledge and support.


Thank you Dr. Magnuson for being as kind to Daisy as you were to me. It was terrible to lose my sweet baby girl but I knew it was time and I was so thankful to have her in my life for as long as I did. Thank you for not making me doubt my decision. I had a friend who took his little dog to his vet when he thought it was time and they left him doubting himself which made his pain even worse because not only did he grieve for his loss, he felt quilty. This is the best care anyone could hope for when faced with this most difficult situation. Thank you again for all your caring ways.

It is with honor that I write this testimonial about Caring Pathways. It was only two days ago that I had to put my precious companion of 14 years put to sleep. Her name was Murphy and she was the sweetest and most endearing cat that I have ever known. Making the decision to end her life was gut wrenching. Yet I knew it was the right thing to do. Not having a regular vet I searched the internet and ran across Caring Pathways. From the moment I made the first call I energetically could sense the compassion that was present. Little did I know how deep that compassion would go. When Dr. Larry Magnuson, or Larry as he insisted I call him, showed up, I knew I was in the presence of a man who practiced unconditional love. Who he was "being" made the entire experience of Murphy's transition so beautiful and honoring. He explained everything thoroughly and I felt he was completely present with Murphy and me. He wasn't performing a task. He was demonstrating an act of love. I knew he was there to expertly help me and Murphy walk through a very difficult yet sacred moment of life. He literally brought God's grace into the world. I am filled with gratitude for everyone at Caring Pathways. If you are looking for people who understand what you are experiencing and can meet you were you are in your moment of grief and sadness...these ARE the people you can count on and trust. They are an exception in this world that has forgotten what true service is about.

Sincerely ~ Tom LaRotonda

I wish to commend Dr. Magnuson for his very gentle and soothing yet thorough approach and manner when he came to my home on 5-6-13 to assist a terminally ill 11 year old wolf named Kawa to move on to the next plane of existence. Larry's professional demeanor and sensitivity to the specifics of this situation, even down to how to handle Kawa's surviving companion while the procedure was being performed, are truly exemplary. While I hope to never have to watch a furry family member move on from earthly existence again, if I do, I will, without hesitation, contact Caring Pathways. Bless you for what you do and for the kindness and empathy you exude, Dr. Magnuson!

Thank you so much Caring Pathways for the services you provide and your compassion for animals as well as for their people. Our Casey was on the mend from the removal of a toe due to an osteosarcoma, when she stopped eating and became a little lethargic. After a visit to her vet and then to a hospital, her diagnosis was cancer in the spleen and liver. We were told the best course of action because of the amount of tumors that were found, was euthanasia: we were taken aback. dog might have been missing a toe, but she was still chasing squirrels in our back yard a couple of days prior to this diagnosis. This was too hard of a decision to make alone and I felt like I didn't have enough information, so I brought her home. After doing some research on what she had, we stumbled upon Caring Pathways website. In one conversation with Dr. Magnuson things were explained to me in a way that I understood the severity of what she had and, although a heart wrenching decision, why putting her to sleep was the best decision we could make to ease her suffering. Dr. Smith and her assistant came to our house and we as a family were able to be with Casey, say goodbye and grieve for her, without putting her or our family in a stressful situation. I know her last memories will be of the hill she use to sit on in the yard, surrounded by the people that loved her. Everyone we have met or spoken with at Caring Pathways truly loves animals and are very aware of the feelings of the people they deal with. We miss our Casey girl every day, but I can't say enough how thankful we are to have found you during one of the toughest decisions our family has ever had to make.

The Stewarts

I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing it was for you to be there with us. I am so glad I thought to search for someone to guide us thru! I am being overwhelmed with the amount of people reaching out especially from the Therapy Dog community to say how much Molly touched their lives. I was lucky to have her for the time I did but it is a big hole in my heart and life right now. I also got the condolence card from Caring Pathways and was so touched by the donation to Morris Animal Foundation. Every year the agility community comes together for a charity agility run because so many of us have lost our beloved pals to cancer. Last year we raised $8000.00. This year will be hard but I will be there without a dog to help. Again, thank you forever for what you have chosen to do.


Dear Dr. Lowery, Thank you for all your kind words and special care in Sophie's passing. She was so loved by all of us and leaves a big hole in our family. Your calm manner and gentle care meant so much to us. We received the paw print and will treasure it. It is a nice momento.

Sincerely, Linda & Brian

I just wanted to write and thank Dr. Kelly Knoll for the wonderful care she gave my Saint Bernard, Lisle. Dr. Kelly euthanized Lisle yesterday morning in the back yard where Lisle had played as a puppy, and at no time was Lisle under any distress or duress. It was completely peaceful and gentle. Dr. Kelly was extremely patient, caring and consoling. She made my partner and me feel safe to express our grief as we said good bye to our sweet pet. I am so relieved and grateful to have found Caring Pathways. Thank you so much to all of you, and especially Dr. Kelly. You all do such good work, every day. Sue

Thank you Dr. Larry, Kimberly and all of you at Caring Pathways for making this transition a peaceful, pleasant experience in the midst of pain and heartache in the loss of our beloved Breck. He was our grandpuppy and brought us great joy and humor. Thanking God for your love of Jesus...His strength and comfort are everlasting. Your card to Miss and Eric was precious and much appreciated by both of them. God bless you with your wonderful "Caring Pathways" helping those who mourn.

From Trig & Beve Jo

Dear Dr. Magnuson, Thank you for your kindness to Bear and to me. I do apprecitate your attempt to stop and check on us. Sincerely, Mina

Dear Dr. Magnuson, I wanted to thank you for your kind care to Sammy and to us on Sept. 8th. You made a very difficult loss easier. We miss her terribly but I'm glad she's not suffering anymore. Thank you so much, Warmly Rita

Dear Dr. Lowery and the Caring Pathways Team, We wanted to thank you for your compassion and kindess during our time of grief. Thank you for honoring her with love in her passing. Weezie was a great spirit and it was our privilege to be her guardians. We are grateful that the people of Caring Pathways recognize the importance of a dignified death for our furry companions! Thank you for Weezie's paw prints, they will be treasured. We also thank you for your donation to the Morris Fund on Weezie's behalf.

Sincerly, Marisa & Michelle

Caring Pathways, Thank you very much for everything you have done. Dr. Lowery was a blessing when Grendel's time came. She treated Grendel and my family with the utmost respect and I greatly appreciate that.

Sincerly, The Amerman Family

Dr. Magnuson, Thank you for your compassion and understanding when you helped me with Diego on Saturday. I feel you made it possible for a peaceful transition for him. Thank you very much, Christopher

Dear Amy, Words can not express our colletive appreciation of your gentleness, skill and grace. Packer was our baby - my son's first dog - our family member and you treated all of us with a degree of compassion that is uncommon in today's society. Thank you for making a very difficult event less so. Gratefully, The Foote family

Mary Anne, Thank you so much for helping us out at a very dark moment in our lives. It has been two weeks since Coby has left us. While our home is empty, our hearts are not. Your compassion for us that day will never be forgotten.

Bob & Cathy

Dr. Magnuson, Thank you so uch for the care, love and support with the passing of our beloved Otis. We appreciate all that you have done for us and will recommend your services to any and all.

Deb & Rusty

Dear Dr. Smith, Thank you so much for making a donation to the Morris Foundation in honor of Biggie Boy. You made the loss of our beloved friend a little easier with your kindness on May 18 and again with a meaninful donation from Caring Pathways. You are very special to us.

Andy, Andrea, Annie & Abbey

Dr. Smith, Saying goodbye to Dodger was one of the saddest moments of our lives. Thank you for being there with us that day and for providing the means to allow Dodger to pass away peacefully, painlessly and with allt he dignity and and compassion he deserved.

Bruce & Laura

Thank you so much for helping us with our boston terrier, Butch! Dr. Amy was so professional, compassionate and arrived so quickly. We are very grateful for your help! Thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of Butch!

Kind regards,
Matt & Kris

Dear Larry,
This note is to thank you so much for taking your time to help us facing a difficult desicion. That was a sad time for us but we found comfort in your words & advice. I think God put you in our way to help us in these two difficult moments with our pets Dakota & Cheyenne. I'm also sure that God used you to comfort my husband. You are an incredible and loving person of God. And that's why the love & peace of God breathes entirely by you. Thanks so much for your words of sympathy and your support during our time of mourningis greatly appreciated.

Dina & Tom

Dear Dr. Larry,
We wanted to take a moment to Thank you for coming in to our lives and so graciously helping us through such a difficult time.

The breadth of love we have for Maddie is so expensive that it became impossible to comprehend life without her. And while we feel we kep her best interest in mind at all times, we became conflicted when what was in her best interest was taking a different path than the one we had been on together for so long. Your unique combination of experience, knowledge and empathy helped us understand the situation as a whole and aided us in the making one of the most difficult decsions we have ever had to make.

It's true that the pathway taken can make all the difference in how the journey is later perceived. You helped us choose a path for Maddie that has resulted in memories of love and joy. Comfort is all Maddie ever knew andthat is how it should be.

The word that come to mind to describe someone who helps through these difficult times is "Angel". That is how we perceive you, and we thank you deeply for being at our side at our time of need.

Blessings to you,
John & Dylan

Dear Caring Pathways,
It has been a month since Dr. Lori Lowery came to help with Jake, Memorial Day night. Jake had a seizure at 3:00am. They had been under control since he was 1 1/2 years old. He was 14 1/2 that night. I called you at 3:30am and was immediately put through to Dr. Lori, whe was at my house, clear across town by 4:30am.

When she arrived Jake had fought back. He was up, walking around. He was smiling-his spirit unbroken. Dr Lori was so patient. She gave me all the time I needed to test and retest my decision. I could feel her caring and concern. I do not regret my decision.

Jake left the house, looking like the angel he was, out of pain and at peace. Thank you for that last memory.

I wish there were words that would convey my gratitude with the strength I feel it toward you. I can not find them. Dr Lori Lowery will forever have a place in my heart.

Thank you God bless with love,
Vicki Boesel and Jake

Dr. Lori Lowery,
Thank you for the incredible compassion you showed to Apollo and to us. You touched us in a really horrible time for us. The service you provided allowed us to give Apollo peace in a time that was very uncomfortable for him.

Lisa & Roland

Dear Caring Pathways, We want to say Thank you to Dr. Larry Magnuson for his care in helping our old, sick calico cat, Tessa, move on. It was a terribly sad day/evening June 10th, but your service helped us feel at ease. We will be sad for a while longer yet... One of these days we hope to only be happy to have spent so many years with her.

Thanks again, Kim & Matt Angell

To: Everyone at Caring Pathways,
We cannot express in words the thanks we owe to everyone who helped us out with our dar kitty Kilo. Although it was the hardest decision we have ever made we couldn't have been happier from start to finish with everyone who helped make it as comfortable as possible. Christina and I can't thank you guys enough. We deeply appreciate everything.

Best Wishes, Christina & Jon

Dear Dr. Magnuson,
You helped send our beloved Siena to heaven last Friday afternoon and I just wanted to say thank you for being there for herwhen it was time for her to leave us. I like to thinki my mom got the best cat in the whole world for her birthday. It can't be an easy task for you but your kindness and thoughtfulness helped me through a devastating day. We also appreciated your card and caring words received yesterday. Life is certainly different but it was definitely better for having had her in our lives. Again, our thank you's for your compassion and helping all of us through this.

Kind regards, Karin Blomsness

Thank you for helping our dog get to heaven! He was surrounded by loved ones as he enjoyed his last moments. Thank you! Kelly

Thank so much for taking such good care of our Jake (and of us all as well). It was a comfort to have you there. What you do is a true blessing. Take Care and thank you again. Diane

Dr. Lori,
I wanted to say thank you for helping my dear, sweet Riley go to Heaven. I know he's not sick anymore. He's in Heaven, young again, healhty, strong and happy. Riley was a very special little spirit. I was blessed to be his mom for 12 wonderful years. He was my joy and I will miss him deeply. I could tell what a kind vet you are, and I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and for allowing me to spend that extra time with my Riley. It meant a lot to me.

Deon Puati

Dear Dr. Larry,
I knew from the moment I opened the front door that it was going to be ok. In front of me stood a kind hearted soul that God sent to help me that early morning. I can't thank you enough for healping me and my sweet "Murray". You brought peace into my house from the moment you walked in. You weren't only there to help Murray but you were there to help me. I never imagined that the decesion to put down my furry companion could be so loving and memorable. I didn't want to feel guilty or unsure of my decision. You let me know that it was the right decision- the most loving act a pet owner could make. Thank you for the book. I have read it and am journaling my thoughts. I am mourning, remembering, and beginning to heal. I am so gald you listened to the Lord that night. You are certainly doing God's work. May God conintue to bless you and Caring Pathways!

Lori & Scott Sorg

Dr. Magnuson,
Karen and I wanted to tell yo how much we appreciate all yo did for us. You came into our life during a very difficult time. You not only showed professionalism, you more importantly showed compassion and caring. You helped our beloved Merlin to peacefully pass form this life. You accomplished that difficult task with the utmost skill, care and love.

Thank you from all the Barkers

Dear Kimberly & Danielle,
I wanted to thank you both for the kindness and compassion you gave me during the difficult process of actually making a decision for my beloved Buddy and the actual process of letting him go. You perform an incredible service to all of us who care deeply for our pets during their lifetime but who also know the only bad thing about loving an animal is the inevitable time that comes to give the ultimate gift of a peaceful end to a good life.

Kimberly I describe you to my several freinds who have senior animals as "Kind Kimberly" and Danielle I describe you as not only having the gift of serenity but also being able to share it.

Sincerely Patty Conroy

Dear Dr. Mary Anne,
We wanted to say a special thank you from all of us-including Winston- for your visit on Feb. 11th to assist Winston's transition. We appreciated your kindness & patience with us as we said our goodbyes. Such a heart breaking time, hard to let go. We very much appreciated your confirmation that he was indeed ready to be free of his suffering. Many blessings to you and yours on your journey. Thank you for all you do for the animals and those who love them.

Sincerely and with great gratitude, Bonnie, Maclaren & Chris Becker

My husband and I want to express our profound gratitude to Dr. Magnuson for his kindness and compassion during the very difficult experience of letting our beloved kitty Perkins go. We were very fortunate to have him there to help us.

Laura Harper

Dr. Mary Anne,
We wanted to thank you for the compassionate care you gave both Bear and us during his final moments. He was a special boy who enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. It means the world to us that we were able to send him off peaceful and happy and none of that would have been possible without you. Thank you for all your courage and compassion.

Joe Harrigan & Jessy Jenkins

Thank you Caring Pathways, especially Dr. Amy Coulter, for assisting us during a very difficult time. Our precious, beautiful English Mastiff, "Hugo", had bone cancer and it was time to let him go. As difficult as it was, we were so appreciative of your assistance and compassion. Dr. Amy, you truly made a difference and helped ease us through our Hugo's passing. Thank you also for validating that we made the right decision and that it was at the right time (not too soon and not too late). That meant a lot to us. I'm sure it's a hard job for you, but know that without the service and compassion you provide, so many people would have an even more difficult time letting their beloved pets go. Thank you again so much Dr. Amy, we truly wish you all the best. And thank you, Caring Pathways, for providing a wonderful, much-needed service.


We would like to send our sincere thanks to Dr. Larry Magnuson, who walked us through a very difficult time when our sweet boxer girl, Penny, passed here at our home very early on Sunday, December 8, 2013. Not knowing what to do, we were referred to Caring Pathways from VCA Douglas County Animal Hospital. Our concerns were put to ease when we spoke with Dr. Magnuson very early Sunday morning. He arrived at our house approximately 1.5 hrs. after Penny's passing, since we were in Larkspur, miles from his Parker location. He gave us time to say our goodbyes, although it had already been a few hours, he understood what losing the best furry friend we every had meant to us. He also spoke with us as what to expect from our other dog Riley since he very attached to Penny and was with us during the passing. I would highly recommend Caring Pathways to anyone who has the unfortunate task of dealing with a dear friend's loss.

Dr. Smith, Thank you!! Such a difficult time mad so peaceful. Your compassion, tenderness, and kindness while tending to our little buddy Winston will never, ever be forgotten! Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to you!! Larry & Kathleen Smith

Dear Dr. Larry & Pathways team, Mark and I want to thank you so much for all your caring and kindness during this bad time with the loss of our Scooter. The cards, the book, and especially "Rainbow Bridge". We read this many times and each time it make us smile. Dr. Larry, we are so grateful for your help. Your kind, gentle and very professional ways, so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Mark & Kathryn

Dear MaryAnne, Thank you so much for your time, patience and thoughtfulness in assisting us with Cilla's transition to Heaven. You and Caring Pathways were an answer to our prayers; allowing us to have peace with letting her go. Since Tom & I were unable to have children, Elvis and Cilla were our babies. Their paw prints are forever on our hearts. WE are never to forget you! Many hugs, Tom & Rosanne Dritzer

Dr. Larry, Thank you very much for coming over and putting my best friend Rowdy at ease. I am so thankful that he was able to be with all of us. He was such a special soul. Much like you. Thank you for keeping all of us calm and giving Rowdy the best send off that we could. Thanks again for taking another great soul and putting him on the right track to Heaven. Austin & Rachel McKee

Dear Larry, Thank you so much for your gentleness, caring spirit and compassion during your call to our home on Nov. 16, 2013 to euthanize our beloved, fur child Star. Star was always very nervous and uncomfortable during visits to our vets office and being able to send him out in the familiarity and comfort of home meant so much to us. Your compassion, empathy, and skill was just great. Thank you so much! Michael & Theresa Roberts

Dr. Magnuson, Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion with Whiskey. We are still trying to come to terms with his passing, and we miss him dearly. But it helped immensely to be able to help him pass at home, with his pack, on his time. I know he is grateful too. With love, Mike & Anne Welch

Hi Dr. Smith, Thanks again for everything you did for Daisy and us. It's a tough business you're in. I sincerely appreciate your patience and kind words in putting Daisy to sleep. Take care & God Bless Everett Bacon

We had to make the difficult decision to put our dog Buddy down a couple months ago. I was at a loss as to where to take him, and concerned for our other dog Jojo who has been a friend to Buddy her whole life. I didn't want Jojo to wonder what had happened to Buddy if we were to take him to the vets office.

I am so happy that we found Caring Pathways. Buddy never had feel the stress of leaving his home and Jojo our other dog witnessed his passing as well. The process was very compassionate and I would recommend Caring Pathways to anyone in this difficult situation.

I recently had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life. My 10 year old beagle Mollie was stricken with liver cancer and it progressed fairly quickly. After staying up with her all night we decided that it was time for her to go to a peaceful place. We called Caring Pathways at 830 and they had someone here within a hour to help us. Alice arrived at outlet home and immediately put us at ease. She carefully explained to us the process that was about to take place. Alice was a total and complete professional. She understood that what we were doing was difficult and painful. Alice made Mollie comfortable and administered a sedative/pain medication that made Mollie feel relaxed. After Mollie was asleep Alice gave her the final drug. All this was done in a compassionate manner. My best friend Mollie passed peacefully around 10:15 in the morning. She had her paws held by my wife and I and her siblings were also close by. Alice was very respectful and left the house for awhile so that we could say our farewells. Molli was then put on a stretcher and taken to be creamated. I can not express enough my gratitude at the caring, compassionate and professional manner in which Caring Pathways and Alice made our difficult decision easier to handle. I would recommend Caring Pathways to anyone who needs to have their companion taken care of in a completely caring, compassionate and professional manner. -Brian Pulmmer

What a honorable way to say goodbye to our longtime companion. Dr. Magnuson was responsive, caring and respectful.

Thank you for providing so much care in a tough time.

I didn’t know Dr. Magnuson before him coming to my home. He is a gentle kind and compassionate human being and veterinarian. He gave me a book on grief and shared information about how my other two cats might react to the loss of my dear Burmese boy Gomez, who was 14. His support during and after the experience was heartfelt and greatly appreciated by me. I would recommend him to all my friends and to you who may be reading this on his website. Victoria Travis

We cannot express our thanks at your unending compassion on Saturday! Thank you so much for putting our minds at ease & giving our sweet Dusty the utmost care & respect!

Dave & Becky Boles (and Dusty)

We would like to thank Dr. Mary Ann Smith for making this difficult time such a release for our dog, Porkchop. She felt no pain and went peacefully and quickly. God bless you. Caring Pathways. Mark & Lori Gee

We were so distraught that Kelly seemed to be dying that we could not believe it! We called Caring Pathways and the doctor came over that day to ascertain if Kelly was a candidate for euthanasia. She confirmed that she was dying and it would be helpful to her to put her down without waiting and letting her suffer even more. The doctor was very kind and very detailed on the procedure. If we could have avoided it altogether we would have, believe me. We said our goodbyes to our beloved pet of 12 years for about 30 minutes. She was so weak she could barely raise her head. But she was on her own dog bed in our house and that was conforting that we did not have to take her to the vet office where she was always tense. The fact that this was done quietly and in our own home made it easier to do the procedure, although we cried for 3 weeks afterwards. I am crying as I type this in fact. I cannot recommend this company enough. They gave me the strength to do what was best for my dog not for us. She went quickly and without pain. Caring Pathways handled all the funeral details for us whic was a big help given our state of mind. I would use this service again when needed. Ellen Alexander

Thank you Dr. Magnuson
Your kindness, compassion and caring given to me and my beloved cat Muji, at what was a most heart breaking time, will never be forgotten.

It takes a very special person to be able to work in the field of veterinary medicine, and even someone more special to be able to help with ending a beloved pets suffering.

I had 20 wonderful years with my Muji. I will never forget those years, and I will certainly never forget the last moment that I was able to give her - making her exit from this world a peaceful and quiet one.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Larry Magnuson for his kindness, compassion, and especially patience with my beloved Mitzi cat. Mike.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Magnuson and Caring Pathways. We put two of our dearest friends down at the same time, which was a gut wrenching decision for us. Dr. Magnuson made it so comfortable and peaceful that we could not have asked for a worse situation to go any better. I think it's a HUGE service to be able to say good bye to our loved ones in our own home and the caring and compassion provided by Dr. Magnuson cannot be put into words. Thank you for everything you do!

Words aren't enough, but that's all I have to thank Dr. Magnuson from the bottom of my heart for making the most difficult experience bearable, loving, and peaceful.

Lucy Bennett

Dr. Magnuson (and the rest of the Caring Pathways staff): Marcia and I wanted to send you an email mostly saying thank you for the service you provide. It's got to be as difficult for you as it is for many pet owners. Dr. Magnuson helped us with our sick dog, Keziah (Kezzie) recently (New Year's eve) and we are very thankful that someone like him exists. Euthanizing a pet is a very difficult decision filled with many emotions, not least of which is guilt ("am I doing this too soon and depriving my beloved dog from more happy times?"; "did I wait too long and let her suffer too much?"). From the point he arrived at our home, until he left, Dr. Magnuson had the perfect demeanor, full of compassion, caring and understanding. Prior to his arrival, Marcia and I said a prayer over our beloved Kezzie, thanking God for the incredible gift he had given us and years we did get to spend with her. We shared at that moment how the relationship between a dog and its owner is much like how the relationship between humans and God is meant to be. Our dogs love us unconditionally, they revere us, they fear us, they look to us for guidance, for care, and they show complete trust in us. We believe this is how we should treat God. Dr. Magnuson shared a similar sentiment shortly after he arrived. I think Marcia and I were both too emotional at that point to reply, but that meant a lot to us. We also loved the card you sent afterward. That was a blessing as well! Again, thank you for your service! Take care, David & Marcia

We contacted Dr. Magnuson when we made the difficult decision to euthanize our beloved dog who was only 3 years old. As the previous writer said, he was right on time and extremely professional, yet very, very kind. He provided a much needed sense of compassion and structure to me when I felt very conflicted and chaotic inside. The kind way he helped us through this very tough time was, and still is, very much appreciated. I cannot say enough how happy I am that my sweet angel's last moments were spent very peacefully at home. I know I would have deeply regretted having to take her to a clinic for this. The other really nice thing is that Caring Pathways also handled all of the details of the cremation, and made arrangements for us to get the remains back.

This was not an easy decision, but I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have had it any other way.

Thank you, Dr. Magnuson for keeping the memories of my baby happy and peaceful.

Dr. Larry Magnuson provides in-home hospice and euthanasia services for beloved companion animals. We recently called on him at the recommendation of our vet, who wasn't able to do a house call when euthanasia was needed for our 16 1/2 year old dog.

Dr. Larry is remarkable. He was right on time, extremely professional and very, very kind. He examined our pet, explained the options and then, when we decided to proceed, was amazing. He was respectful of our grief and our privacy, and also provided some Grief Support. Even more, he made a clay impression of our dog's paw print and sent it to us afterwards.

I'm a big fan of "house call vets" anyway, and while a bit more expensive, how much more loving to give your pet a truly gentle passage in familiar surroundings, held in the arms of trusted owners and not in a frightening, sterile vet clinic.

Rodney, my cat of six years, got very sick the day after the 4th of July. Throughout his life, he has had

chronic kidney and urethra problems and I knew this blockage was the last - poor guy was in so much pain. Caring Pathways was the only in-home vet service available after the 4th - most places were gone for the extended holiday. Elizabeth at Caring Pathways was able to send a vet over that day. When the vet came, he talked with me and did a check-up: I was afraid I was making the wrong decision, and I had a lot of "what-ifs" going through my head. Dr. Magnuson confirmed what I knew: Rodney was very, very sick. The procedure happened very fast and painlessly for Rodney - one injection was the anesthesia and the second was sodium pentobarbital. The vet was very gentle and kind and made this sad day so much better. To take Rodney to the vet would have been traumatic for him. Dr. Magnuson is such a kind, wonderful vet: I have no words that describe the appreciation and gratitude I have for him and his team.

Wow. For the hardest thing I've had to do since I don't remember when, Dr Magnuson made a huge difference! Being able to have him come to the house and avoid that last moment of fear at the vet office made such a difference. He was incredibly compassionate. He explained everything that we should expect and worked with us to understand how we would most like to handle timing and good-byes. He then took care of the body, treating it with kindness and respect. I can't thank him enough and, if you're in the terrible position of needing his services, this was really the best way to go about it. Thank you.

Recently I had to have my kitty, JT, euthanized because he was sick. I didn't want to take him back to the vet because those visits were so stressful for him. My vet recommended Caring Pathways. I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that I had Dr. Larry Magnuson come by and help me with JT. He was incredibly compassionate, thoughtful and kind. I am so grateful that he was there to help with this very difficult situation. I can't thank him enough. :)

I cannot thank you enough for your kind and compassionate help. I cannot imagine ever having to go through the death of my pet anywhere but in my home. Your support allowed our kitty's death to be an experience filled with love and I will be forever grateful.

Franki was and still is one of the most amazing dogs! She lived a great 9 years. When she was 8 1/2 she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She responded great to the chemo for about 9 months and unfortunately the cancer returned last month. Through that month she had good days and bad days. I try now to only remember the good days and a smile is always brought to my face. In her last weeks Dr. Magnuson was great in supporting my husband and i and reassuring us it was the right decision when it came time to put her to rest. Frankis passing couldn't have been more peaceful. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Magnuson and the peace and comfort he provided us and Franki on her last day. She will never be forgotten.

Thanks for your compassion, love and caring not only for cinnamon but for us. We really appreciate how you treated her and us. She went peacefully. Thanksyou, Robin and Bob Fosy

“We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and making this service available in people’s homes. We have told others about Caring Pathways, and we know good karma will always follow you because of your dedication, love and respect for our animal companions.”

Sincerely and with Love, The Keys Family.

“Every Good Gift and every perfect Gift is from Above” James 1:17, Thank You KJV

Thank you for coming to help Diamond and myself last week. Your Kindness, compassion and obvious love of God’s creatures made a heart breaking situation more bearable for me.

Sincerely, Debbie

“Thank you for your kindness in helping Guniness transition from this Life, You are a kind, loving and generous man and Thanks I am so grateful to have found you.

Blessings, Katie

Thank you for sharing your exquisite gift and insight in hleping us with our cat Dabney. We appreciate you. Thanks.

I am so grateful to have found you! Your loving and grateful care of Macintosh was remarkable and we thank you graciously. Sincerely Erin Conway

Thank you from the depth of our souls for all that you have done for Joe, Bingo,Isis and I. Just being able to have the honor of someone like you at a time like this . There are no words that could match what you have done and how you have made us feel and heal. Bless you for being there for us.

God Bless you both! Kimberly and Joe

Your Kindness and thoughtfulness have made a difficult time easier… Thanks again Mara Buca

Mary Ann, we wanted to thank you for your compassion and understanding shown to our family when we knew it was time for our beloved Bella to enter the Rainbow Bridge. You explained the process and gave us time to spend with our beloved pet while she slipped away peacefully. You are a wonderful person with a very hard job, yet you showed nothing but love and kindness to our family and Bella.

Thank you for making the next phase of our lives easier.
Jimi Metzger, Jessica and Chris

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all you did for us to make Mocha”s death less painful. You were so helpful while she was sick and so willing to talk about how we could keep her comfortable. You were always reassuring. And when it came time to put het to sleep, it was great having it done at home with the whole family around her. It was a tribute to how special she was.”

Thank you, the Graeve Family

I wanted to thank you for your services in helping Sammy move on. It takes a special kind of person to do your job and you do it very well. You made a very difficult day more acceptable. Thank you again for you kindness and concern. Karen and Bib

Dr. MaryAnne Smith, Thank you so very much for the sympathy card you sent us. That was really kind of you. We appreciate the care and compassion you had for our sweet Tootsie as she was leaving us and going to be with the good Lord. Thanks for everything. Take Care and God Bless, Ted, Jacqueline, Serena & Savanna

Your kindness, gentleness and compassion was sooo greatly appreciated in my time of need. Jackson meant the WORLD to me and somehow I know you know that. Sincerely Suzanne

“You were my godsend and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you coming to set my Lacy free from her suffering.. You made a touch experience very spiritual and peaceful and for that I am forever in your debt.

With Much Gratitude Marilyn

“We loved July very much and it helps to know that you understand our grief and what we are going though. He was such a good boy and we miss him very much”

Gratefully yours Lisa and Jaime

I want to thank you so much for giving Harley his wings in such a peachful and caring way. Harley was such a special part of our whole family that being able to hold him in my arms, at home, was the only way for his life to end. You were the only bright light in an otherwisr dark day. Thank You, Peggy & Jim

We just wanted to say thank you for the caring and compassion you showed us when you came to lay our dear Dexter to rest. The time you took with us to explain why you felt Dexter was acting the way he was and also to explain everything you were going to do made it a little easier for us to know that we were making the right decision for our precious one. Todd and Kris

“I just want to thank you for coming to the house to help Syrus end his pain. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life and I truly appreciate the fact that you are such a caring person. I can not thank you enough for your professionalism, your caring touch and your sympathy.” Scott and Patricia

“It is with great respect and gratitude that I write you today. Words cannot express my thanks to you for what you did for our Lucille and for our family on Christmas Day. One of the deepest losses of my life was eased by you and your grace that day, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

God Bless You and Your Family, The Shimkos.

Dr. Larry Magnuson provides in-home hospice and euthanasia services for beloved companion animals. We recently called on him at the recommendation of our vet, who wasn't able to do a house call when euthanasia was needed for our 16 1/2 year old dog.

Dr. Larry is remarkable. He was right on time, extremely professional and very, very kind. He examined our pet, explained the options and then, when we decided to proceed, was amazing. He was respectful of our grief and our privacy, and also provided some Grief Support. Even more, he made a clay impression of our dog's paw print and sent it to us afterwards.

I'm a big fan of "house call vets" anyway, and while a bit more expensive, how much more loving to give your pet a truly gentle passage in familiar surroundings, held in the arms of trusted owners and not in a frightening, sterile vet clinic.

We contacted Dr. Magnuson when we made the difficult decision to euthanize our beloved dog who was only 3 years old. As the previous writer said, he was right on time and extremely professional, yet very, very kind. He provided a much needed sense of compassion and structure to me when I felt very conflicted and chaotic inside. The kind way he helped us through this very tough time was, and still is, very much appreciated. I cannot say enough how happy I am that my sweet angel's last moments were spent very peacefully at home. I know I would have deeply regretted having to take her to a clinic for this. The other really nice thing is that Caring Pathways also handled all of the details of the cremation, and made arrangements for us to get the remains back. This was not an easy decision, but I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have had it any other way.

Thank you, Dr. Magnuson for keeping the memories of my baby happy and peaceful.

Wow. For the hardest thing I've had to do since I don't remember when, Dr Magnuson made a huge difference! Being able to have him come to the house and avoid that last moment of fear at the vet office made such a difference. He was incredibly compassionate. He explained everything that we should expect and worked with us to understand how we would most like to handle timing and good-byes. He then took care of the body, treating it with kindness and respect.

I can't thank him enough and, if you're in the terrible position of needing his services, this was really the best way to go about it. Thank you.

Mary Ann, we wanted to thank you for your compassion and understanding shown to our family when we knew it was time for our beloved Bella to enter the Rainbow Bridge. You explained the process and gave us time to spend with our beloved pet while she slipped away peacefully.

You are a wonderful person with a very hard job, yet you showed nothing but love and kindness to our family and Bella.

Thank you for making the next phase of our lives easier.

Jimi Metzger, Jessica and Chris

We can't thank Caring Pathways enough for the kind and compassionate care you provided to our family and our loyal friend of 15 1/2 years. On Thanksgiving day, 2013, we said good bye to our sweet, gentle boy, Trae. Our family was blessed to have had such a long life with our wonderful companion. One of our biggest fears about Trae getting older, was that letting him go would be unbearable. Losing a loved one is not easy, but Caring Pathways provided such a dignified and graceful end to his life. I was nervous that Trae was failing on Thanksgiving Day, and that someone might not be available. Dr. Mary Ann Smith called us right back and was so kind and reassuring on the phone.

"Dr. Danielle" Rope arrived within an hour. She was so calm and caring and walked us through the process. As hard as it was, it was exactly how we wanted our loved one to pass. I can't express how much fear and pain was alleviated by their caring approach.

I would recommend Caring Pathways to all.

Trae loved us unconditionally, and we miss him terribly every day. We are so grateful for all the memories of our "good ol' boy -who warmed the entrance of our home, for all who entered.

You will never be forgotten friend...

love you forever Trae
Michelle, Randy, Rylee, Sean, Alyssa

I have had the unfortunate need to call upon the services of Caring Pathways 3 times in the past two years. I have had 3 different veterinarians visit my home and assist with the humane passing of 3 of my best furry friends...each doctor was incredibly kind, patient, comforting and sincere throughout the experience and I feel so grateful that I could say good-bye in our home rather than with the stress of a car ride to the vet's office.

I cannot express how wonderful the people at Caring Pathways are and you will not regret choosing this option when having to make that most difficult decision to say good-bye to your furry friend.

Thank you Caring Pathways for all you do to bring comfort and care to those who need it most.

Mary McCormac
Denver, CO

We want to thank Dr. Coulter for helping us say goodbye to our sweet boy Diesel. We told Diesel he would need to let us know when he was ready because we would never be able to make the decision on our own. The night he told us he was ready was freezing and snowy and our vet's office had already closed. We called Caring Pathways and Dr. Coulter came as quickly as she could. She immediately loved Diesel and assured us that he was indeed ready. She was compassionate and knew how deeply we loved our boy. Dr. Coulter made sure we knew what was happening at each step and comforted us as much as Diesel. Dr. Coulter we know your job isn't easy but we are so grateful that you were there for all of us. Thank you so much for doing what you do with an open heart.

Brandi & David Lee

Just wanted to thank you for all your support and help you provided in my difficult time in the loss for my dog. You were a tremendous help!! Thanks again, Alicia Kane

Dr. Smith,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did to help Louis during his final moments. Losing him has been very difficult but it does help knowing that he was "in good hands" and that you did all that you could for him.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Dr. Mary Anne,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us send Murry to her forever home. Your compassion and kindness will remain with us always.

Rose & Sharon

Dr. Magnuson and team,
We cannot thank you enough for the expertise, kindness, and most of all the compassion you extended to us both before and after the passing of our beloved Bowie to his true "forever home". Such a difficult thing to say a final goodbye and to deal with the subsequent grief and emptiness that surrounds our home and environment. But he book and the card inserts helped me understand that it's okay to express grief for our best buddy. His passing was so peaceful and your words and manner with all of us were so calming and helpful. Thank you for having a 24/7 service and coming to Bowie's side in the middle of the night. You mentioned twice that "we didn't know you." Well in that short time, we saw a deeply Christian man whose current calling to provide comfort at a pet's last moments her on earth and their families is such a blessing to so many of God's little creatures and their caretakers. Thank you to your and your entire team for everything you do and for the donations to the Morris Foundation for Animals.

Teresa and Marc Luiz

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude to the staff @ Caring Pathways, Dr. Coulter & Dr. Smith. Putting Muddy to rest was such a difficult decision, but knowing that we were working with such compassionate and competent people truly made a difference. Muddy was part of our family for 16years and gave such happiness and memories. having the ability to do it at home is an experience that helped our family deal with letting Muddy go. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Erin, Jeff, Mazie, Ruby and Sonny Boy

Thank you for your support and caring services on the day Makeda and I needed it most. It has been a difficult transition so far. Not a day goes by I don't grieve in some way. The house is so different now without my two furry kids. The literature Caring Pathways provides has been helpful in many ways. Though memories and love live on forever I do long for the day my pain can subside. Please express my gratitude to your company for being so kind and accommodating. Thank you for coming to me that day. Words cannot express how much your wisdom, experience and compassion were needed.

In gratitude
Jennifer, Mekeda & Sammy

Caring Pathways and Dr. Amy Coulter helped us to make one of the worst experiences, the best it could be. Our beloved kitty Nico had gotten to the point where his quality of life was gone. Dr. Coulter came to our home and was very kind and patient. She took the time to let Nico get used to her presence. She sat by him and spoke to him and stroked him. I was able to hold him while he passed. He left this life in warmth and love. It was nice to have such a compassionate person to help us through this experience.

- Barb

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